5 Ways to Get Past Writer’s Block


Since a lot of my audience consists of fellow bloggers, I figured I’d write a post about some of the ways I get past writer’s block, which I happen to be suffering from today.

  • Step away from the computer.  Sitting there staring at a blank screen isn’t going to help you.  Take a walk, do a little exercise, play with your kids, clean your house, whatever.  Just get your mind off writing.  In an hour or so, write about what you’ve just done.
  • Look around the room you’re in.  Find your favorite object and review it.  That coffee pot you just bought is begging to be reviewed.  Or watch TV for a while and review the show you just saw.  If you like Soap Operas, write about your favorite character.  Like Legal shows?  Write about the latest psychopath on CSI.
  • There is probably something on your mind that’s blocking your creativity.  Something is bothering you, or worrying you, or making you feel un-creative.  Write about it.  Writer’s block isn’t really a “block” at all.  It just means you have a lot on your mind at the time and can’t concentrate as well.
  • Call a friend or family member.  Ask them for ideas.  Sometimes someone else’s life is so much more interesting than your own.
  • Have a backup of posts ready.  Next time you feel creative, write a bunch of posts.  Save them for days you either don’t feel like writing or can’t think of anything to write about.  At the very least, carry around a little notebook and write down ideas you have during the day.  You can always elaborate on them later when you’re stuck.

The world is full of writing prompts.  All you have to do is stop thinking ab0ut what to write and you’ll see that there is so much to write about that you’ll never be able to accomplish it all in a lifetime.

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