Update: September 2020

Started writing more tutorials on WordPress, Redesigned the Homepage.

Update: February 2018

Hello World. This is my first post and I am happy to let you know that this site made it this far because of Reddit. I am Saptak and I am from Barrackpore, A City in India. I am a part-time blogger. Well, I started blogging 2 months ago with Github Pages.

Github Pages provides you with the option of having your own blog own using a custom domain, but there are some limitations out there so I preferred hosting it somewhere else and using WordPress for my blog engine.

I hope you will return often as we will be updating the content regularly. My purpose with this blog is two-fold:

  1. To hopefully give you a bit of a head start that I didn’t have
  2. To get all my scattered expertise organized in one place

I have been actively working online since January of 2017. By profession, I am a web developer. But as there are so many web designers out there and day by day its getting very hard to get enough clients.  I really wanted a career that would allow me to take some time off or travel without the problem of a physical practice that solely relied on me being present.

So let’s keep it on the “up and up” here on this blog and I’ll make a promise to be perfectly honest with you if I ever promote or give a recommendation for a particular product. I’m hoping that we can gather some intel on programs I’ve not tried from my regular readers. Just be sure to comment or post in a professional manner.

Thanks and I look forward to your participation!

My Reddit Profile.

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