How to Add Downloadable Product on WooCommerce

Selling physical products on WooCommerce is a common practice nowadays but in today’s era digital products are also getting popularity and people are buying more and more digital products online. You can sell e-books, posters, music, and a lot of digital products online.

Today we are going to learn how we can add digital downloadable products to our WooCommerce website. If you want to know how you can add general products on WooCommerce follow this guide.

Steps to add downloadable product

  1. Go to Products>Add New from your WordPress dashboard. 
  2. Set product name and description.
  3. In Product data, section checkmark the downloadable option.
  4. Now you can see the Downloadable files option, upload your digital files there.
  5. Now set the download limit either you want the user to download the file multiple times or a selected number of times. By default, it is selected to unlimited.
  6. You can also set the number of days before the download link will expire. By default, it is set to never, so it will never expire.
Disable digital product shipping option

A digital product is a virtual product so it is technically useless to have a shipping method for these types of products. In WooCommerce you can very easily disable the shipping options for your digital product.

  1. To disable the shipping option for your digital product, go to Products>All products from your dashboard.
  2. Select the product you want to disable shipping and click on Edit.
  3. Now in the Product data checkmark virtual option, click on update. 

Now your product shipping is disabled user will no longer see the shipping option for that product.


Now you can easily add digital downloadable products to you your WooCommerce website and hide the shipping method for it. If you face any issues while setting it up let me know in the comment below.

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