How To Add WooCommerce Products

Once WooCommerce is set up on your WordPress website you will need to add products to the store. In this article, we are going to share how you can add products in WooCommerce.

Below are steps to add WooCommerce Products

  1. Navigate to Products -> Add New from your admin dashboard.
  2. Enter the name of the product in the Add new product field at the top. Then enter the description of the product in the editor below it.
  3. Next you will need to choose the product type. Scroll down to the Product data box. You will have four options –
    A. Simple Product – This is a basic product type and should be used for products with no variants.
    B. Grouped product – Grouped product type is used when you have to combine simple products together.
    C. External/Affiliate product – This product type is helpful when you are running an affiliate website. It allows you to use the Add to Cart button to link to an external link which could be your affiliate link or any other link.
    D. Variable product – Products that have variants should be chosen under a variable product type. Suppose you run a cloth store then a t-shirt can have different colors and sizes. These types of products come under variable products.Further you choose if the product is Virtual or Downloadable.
    Virtual can be selected for products that are digital and don’t require shipping details.
    Downloadable can be selected if you offer a downloadable file with the product. If you select Downloadable then extra fields get added to the General tab where you can upload the downloadable files and configure the settings related to it.
  4. Now enter the price of the product under the General tab. You can enter the Regular price and then a Sale price for discounts. If you don’t want to offer discounts then leave the Sale price field empty.
  5. Next select the Inventory tab and fill the details according to your product.
    SKU – SKU stands for Stock-keeping unit. You will be adding a unique number to it which will help in identifying the stock.
    Manage Stock? – If you tick the Enable stock management at product level box then you will be able to manage the quantity of the product that is in your stock. This enables you to disable the add to cart button when all the stock is sold out.
    Leaving the checkbox unticked will allow an infinite number of orders to be placed for the stock.
  6. Next select the Shipping tab. Here you will enter the shipping details such as weight of the product, it’s dimensions and the shipping class. Shipping class allows you to set different shipping rates for products with different dimensions and weight and group them together.
  7. Next select the Linked Products tab. It allows you to show related products and increase your revenue. You can choose to add products in the Upsells and Cross-sells field.
  8. The Attributes tab is for products with variants such as different colors, sizes or anything. It is mostly used with the Variable product type.
  9. In the Advanced tab you can add a Purchase note which appears after the purchase has been made. Enter the menu order for custom ordering position and choose to enable or disable reviews through the Enable reviews checkbox.
  10. Now you will need to scroll down to the Product short description box where you will enter a short description for the product. Depending on your theme this will usually appear above the Add to cart button and below the price of the product.
  11. You can now set the main image for the product. Click on Set product image on the right hand side under the Product Image box to do so. You can also add more images for the product by clicking on Add product gallery images on the right hand side under the Product gallery box.
  12. You should also select the categories and tags for the product. The categories can be selected from the Product categories box on the right hand side whereas the tags can be added through the Product tags box.
  13. Once everything is done you can now publish the product.

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