How To Add A New WordPress Menu Item?

Are you looking to add a new menu item in your WordPress website? WordPress makes it very easy to add items in your menu. In this article we are going to show how you can add a new WordPress menu item.

What is a navigation menu item?

A navigation menu item is a link that points to an important part of your website. It can be a link to a post, a page or any other section of your website. The menu items make your website navigable and easy for visitors to explore the website.

Depending on the theme you can display the menu items in different locations on your website. Although the menu is mostly located in the header part of your website and consists of a horizontal list of links. A menu item can further have more menu items linked under it.

Below are steps to add a new WordPress menu item

  1. Visit Appearance -> Menus from your admin dashboard.
  2. On the left hand side under the Add menu items section you will find various options such as Pages, Posts, Custom Links and Categories that you can add as a menu item.
  3. If you want to add a page to the menu then simply click on the Pages option and select the page from the list of pages that already exist on your website. Once selected, click on the Add to Menu button.Similarly the steps can be followed for adding Posts or Categories menu items.

    If you want to add a link to some other section or an outbound link then you can do so by using the Custom Links option. Click on the Custom Links option. Add the url in the URL text field and the title for the menu item in the Link Text field. Once done, click on the Add to Menu button.

  4. After you click on the Add to Menu button, the menu item will get added under the Menu structure section. You can drag and drop the new menu item to rearrange it’s position in the navigation menu. Once you are satisfied with the order of the menus, click on the Save Menu button.
    Your menu item is now live on your website.

Final Thoughts

A navigation menu is an important part of your website and you should definitely link all the important parts of your website under it. It will help in increasing the user engagement on your website and improve search engine rankings too.

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