5 Best FAQ Plugins For WordPress Websites

Wasting your time and resources in answering the same questions again and again?

Why not include a FAQ section on your website and solve this issue forever.

What is FAQ?

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. It is one of the best ways to clear the doubts of your site’s visitors. You can use it to explain different points in a short and structured manner.

FAQs help reduce the customer care requests by a great deal and will prevent your resources from getting used for frequent questions.

Few Benefits of FAQ:
  • Clear the customers’ doubts easily in one place.
  • Save your staff from wasting time on answering the same questions repeatedly.
  • Improve the user experience.
  • Build trust with the customer.
Below are the 5 best FAQ plugins for your WordPress website that will help you in creating FAQs easily:
1. HTML5 Responsive FAQ

If you want a plugin that is responsive and will adapt properly to the different platforms and screen sizes then this plugin is the best option. As the name suggests it is completely mobile responsive.

This plugin allows you to add your FAQ section to any part of your WordPress website. Let it be your posts, pages or widgets. This can be achieved using the short code that the plugin provides. It also allows you to customize the colors, fonts and design of the FAQ section. Also, if you use visual composer or any other visual editor then this plugin supports them.

2. Ultimate FAQ

Using this plugin you can create unlimited categories and FAQs on your website. It also supports WooCommerce stores or any other section of your WordPress website.

You can view the FAQ analytics through a dashboard which comes with this plugin with many features such as number of views. An option to search the FAQ questions and answers is also integrated with your FAQ sections. This can be very helpful for your readers browsing the FAQs. You can also export the FAQs into a PDF.

3. Arconix FAQ

You can integrate the FAQs using the shortcode provided by this plugin. This makes adding the FAQ section on any part of your website very easy. The FAQs are shown in an accordion box and an option to toggle them is also there.

4. WP responsive FAQ with category

This plugin also makes it easy to integrate the FAQ section anywhere on your website using the shortcodes. It allows you to create unlimited FAQs and group the FAQs into categories.

The plugin allows adding images to the FAQs and also the option to translate. Every FAQ section can also be coded differently to allow different animation speeds using the short codes. There is also a paid version available which allows many advanced functions such as visual composer support, drag and drop arrangement for FAQs and many additional customization’s when it comes to design, style and colors.

5. Quick and Easy FAQs

Once you install and activate this plugin a custom post type will be added to your admin dashboard menu. All the FAQs that will be created will be displayed there and can be edited from there. This plugin allows you to customize the design and look using CSS.

You should go with the plugin that fits the needs of your website and something that will provide the best user experience for your website. FAQs will lead to better conversions and help build trust in your website.

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