Top 9 WooCommerce Themes: And How to Select One Yourself [Updated 2020]

With more than 60 million active websites currently using WordPress, it is no surprise that WordPress is the most popular cms among so many small businesses even big named brands. When it comes to eCommerce, WordPress with WooCommerce makes it extremely easy and convenient.

WooCommerce maintains its position as queen as its quickest WordPress eCommerce plugin. It’s a compact, easy-to-use plugin, transforming your WordPress website into a web store instantly. Not every theme on WooCommerce is equal, however. In fact, installing the WooCommerce plugin on any WordPress theme necessarily will not create the perfect environment for the online marketplace.

Yes, you can take your existing blog and add a couple of product lines. But if your aim is to make an optimized online store, it’s best to have a professional WooCommerce theme.

But what kinds of features must you look for in this optimal theme on WooCommerce?

What to Look for When Choosing the Right Theme

Do not focus on Design Only

Do not go for a theme just because it looks great. Better looks and animation often come from a lot of external javascript and massive libraries and if not properly coded, can result in slow loading pages or it can be very hard to fix an issue if something is broken. You better focus on the user experience and simplicity of navigation on your eCommerce site. This definitely makes it much easier for the user and gives a better conversion rate.
Think about how large corporation use their online shops like google or apple. They are easy on eyes , Simple, Elegant, Morden Design and easy to navigate.

Drag and Drop Interface

If you don’t know anything about coding and how to edit codes then those drag and drop or site builder enabled themes will work best for you. This may not be the best solution for your online store but it is easy to make and there are a lot of templates only available free of cost. Make sure your theme supports popular page builders like Elementor or Beaver builder or Gutenberg.

Hard-Coded PHP and HTML Based Design

Page Builders are getting popular among Non-tech WordPress users and this may be a very good option for those who Can’t afford Skilled Developer but not so for a high traffic website. We have Theme Markets just for this. Page builders can add a lot of bloat in some pages and make it slow performing. So That is why nicely coded page or Product templates that are Using Simple HTML and PHP, are the best performing. So When getting a new theme, check for Built-In Ecommerce based Design Elements, Multiple Page style, Default Social Sharing Features.

Release Frequency

Both WooCommerce and WordPress release regular updates along with several’ major ‘ releases per year. These updates can occasionally cause these errors if they have not been properly tested in the staging environment Before moving to a production site. It’s always worth checking a changelog of themes to see that the developer still maintaining it regularly. Be sure to also ask for the theme to be compatible with the latest WordPress and WooCommerce versions before installing it.

To Make sure that your WooCommerce theme is compatible with your WordPress version you need to make a quick check. Right-click on the theme demo and visit the source code of your theme. There you should see a generator meta code with the WooCommerce version it is compatible with. If it out of date Make sure you ask the Theme author about it.

Theme Support From Devs And Designers

WordPress And WooCommerce duo may be popular and easy to use but its almost never bug-free. So if you found a bug report it immediately to your theme author before anything breaks in the frontend. Most Premium themes offer very good support and you should get one for yourself unless you have a very low budget for your eCommerce theme.

Theme Support From Community

Support from theme designers and dev is great but sometimes it takes time to get a reply from your Theme author so always check if they have community support available on the theme authors website. Community support is amazing if you can express your problem properly to the community. Because there are thousands of community members using the same theme for their website and they already know what to do when something fails.

Mobile First and Responsiveness

Google already stated and started indexing sites for mobile-first and there is a good reason for that. Right now more than 75% of web traffic comes from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets that is why it is no wonder that Google and other search engines took this mobile-first indexing approach.
So before going any farther, DO you know the difference between responsive design and mobile-first design? They may have the same kind of properties but Design Thinking are totally different. In responsive design, the site adjusts itself for the smaller screen sizes. but in the mobile-first approach, the site is first made for smartphones and tablets then it adapts design for full-screen laptops or smart TVs.
And Who does not know that mobile shopping is much more secure and fun to do than traditional browsing for a product. And this is better for the website owners too. Why? Because smartphones have way more sensors so the webmaster can get much more information about how their visitors are using their website. After all Web analytics is very important in eCommerce websites.

Custom Functionality

Check out the ways you can customize your themes. Because often woocommerce is not enough to get a fully functional e-commerce website. You need dozens of other paid plugins to run a woo commerce site. So check whether the theme you are going to buy is suitable for those plugins or not. Also, check if the theme does have support for ACF Fields. Custom field and post type are essential in some product category so make sure If you have support for ACF.

Check Out The Page Speed Of the demo Theme

DO you know the average attention span of an eCommerce website user is less than 3 seconds? So if your website is one second slower than your competitor then you lose. That is why in 2020 page speed is the most important factor before choosing a woocommerce theme. There are plugins that can use certain techniques to speed up your website but the best thing is if your website is designed for optimization. You just can’t beat a hard-coded PHP template over a page designed by page builders. So using a page builder on your eCommerce website may be the last thing you want unless you have very few products to show and expecting a small number of visitors.

Update June 12 2020 : Just read a great theme buying guide Wrote by Ben here. It is definitely worth reading.

Here is a List Of Best WooCommerce Themes


Astra is a lightweight and easily customizable theme to build different kinds of websites including e-commerce websites. Why this theme is in our preferred list? Well, most themes serve One purpose Either business website or Woocommerce website. But using Astra, you can build different types of websites. Here is a list of website types that can be made using Aastra.

  1. Ecommerce
  2. Business Website
  3. Course Selling Website

And an e-commerce site can be made using WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads if you want to sell virtual products only. And this may be the best thing in Asta because Astra Supports both plugins with most customization available.

Here are some Great features Astra Have:

  • Great Customization aspect with Several Premade Website
  • Support for Visual page builder and Hardcoded Prebuilt Templates.
  • Child Theme Supported.
  • Sale Bubble and style it. 
  • Grid and List view style for products on the shop page.
  • Enhanced customization for individual products page –
    • Product image gallery layout 
    • Breadcrumbs 
    • Add To Cart Styling 
    • Product Navigation
    • Related & Up-Sell Products 
  • Quick View option for products.
  • Two-Step Checkout with Coupon Field and Distraction-Free Checkout option 
  • Custom styling for Checkout page. 
  • Offcanvas Sidebar.
  • Built-in Schema Support for Better SEO
  • Clean and optimized code ensures blazing-fast loading times.
  • Dedicated knowledge base in-depth articles, and video tutorials that explain each and every feature.
  • 24/7 Dedicated email support.
  • A dedicated Facebook Group with over 10,000+ active members.

Download Asta From Here


A genuine, professional online store should have a dynamic shopping cart interface and a branded checkout, Without these features, an eCommerce site is not completed. With free and pro plugins OceanWp can be used to turn your website into a nice beautiful shop.

OceanWP WooCommerce Features

  • Shortcode for cart icon
  • Off-canvas filter
  • Single product page
  • Mini cart on mobile
  • Quick view button
  • Multistep checkout
  • Speed & smooth responsiveness
  • White label

OceanWp Pros and Cons

  • Because OceanWP is very light and easily loads over usual layout and theme functions, it’s a great option, particularly if you’re interested in user experience.
  • Supports many page builders and WooCommerce.
  • Encourage Website users to use Wishlist.
  • Cons: Options can be quite frustrating at times
  • Cons: Too Many Plugins Are Required To Install


Divi works perfectly with WooCommerce, adding to your shop and product pages. Divi’s visual editor can help you to customize every page without editing any code.

Divi WooCommerce Features

  • Divi WooCommerce Modules: Design the WooCommerce Elements that make up the product page layout from scratch to create fully personalized product pages.
  • Product Cover Module: Custom module includes product title, breadcrumb and product meta, you choose how to display with a specific cover image for each product.
  • WooCommerce layouts: Some premade WooCommerce layouts can be used on your website running on WordPress and Divi Theme.
  • Design Options: Enjoy hundreds of exclusive page functions, and thousands of interface choices. Divi allows you absolute power over the functionality of your website.
  • Compatibility: Divi theme with WooCommerce is simple to use and entirely adjustable without needing to compose a single line of code.

Pros And Cons

Divi is an all-in-one-theme with woo-commerce features approach. It helps anyone, regardless of their practical skills and expertise, to build stunning, interactive and skilled website designs.
And it helps you to do all of this in a matter of minutes.

You can manage your online shop to drag and drop widgets module with Divi

Divi Theme Options comes with its custom theme options where you can control your logo, navigation settings and more.

Divi theme is very user friendly and it won’t take you longer than an hour to get familiar with how Divi works.



The Flatsome theme comes with some wonderfully built website demonstrations to help you create your website faster. Such examples are nothing but easy to use sample code models on the website.
The theme comes with an inbuilt page builder and other configuration tools so handling how the website appears is only a matter of changing the themes.

Flatsome woo-commerce features

  • Flatsome is compliant with most versions of WooCommerce. This effortlessly gives your WooCommerce shop an enticing design and functionality.
  • The number of products per row: Set products per row for each screen size.
  • Off-canvas Filtering: Connect the filtering off-canvas to the divisions. You can access it on desktop and on categories with off-canvas filtering allowed.
  • Parallax Effects: With Flatsome, you can apply flawless parallax effects to your banners
    and posts to offer an extra edge to your website.
  • Catalogue Mode Option: Using the catalog mode feature if you want to show items without selling them. It is great for on-line company catalogs, etc.
  • Unlimited Brand Profile Options Frame the product in a lovely way

Pros And Cons

  • The first benefit of Flatsome is that it is SEO-Optimized which makes it easy for the website to score higher on Google Search results.
  • Quickly switch through products using the next / prev layout.
  • Attach an alternative mouse over zoom in to the display photos
  • Flatsome is a feature-packed yet affordable theme with lots of flexibility
  • Using the catalog mode feature if you want to show items without selling them.
  • Product navigation types are super simple and convenient on smartphone screens. This will make the buyers happier and give you more profits!
  • Cons: You can only get assistance for 6 months after purchase


In reality, Storefront is one of the most modular and responsive themes you can get for your WooCommerce shop. Storefront retains its simplicity to encourage modification while holding itself
genuinely small. Storefront is the perfect platform for your project if you are looking to set up an online store and sell with WooCommerce. You can expect perfect integration with your shop because the Storefront is built by the same team that developed WooCommerce.

Storefront Woocommerce features

  •  WooCommerce Migration: Easy, simple and customizable, the WordPress Storefront Webshop theme has all you need to help you find success in e-commerce, even if you’re a novice.
  • Add real-time cart for customers: No page refresh needed for easy purchasing, and comprehensive theme choices let you attach social networking buttons, alter fonts, templates, copyright details, and more to your custom store.
  • Homepage-focused on eCommerce: Show all product types, new, featured, on-sale and top-notch items from your homepage.
  • Display options: Adjust your store’s look and feel in a few taps, and see your real-time tweaks.

Pros and Cons

This is one of the best theme provided by the WooCommerce official Team and based on Underscore Theme framework by


You can create stunning things with an amazing product! Designed with the eCommerce experience in mind, Shopkeeper is a completely responsive Custom WooCommerce theme with a fantastic
interface and comprehensive features. The shopkeeper can also be personalized repeatedly. Modify almost every theme feature, including backgrounds, colors and an amazing range of typography customization options.

Shopkeeper woocommerce features

Product page: Go in and change what people see as a product gallery zoom and related products. Remember, each of these elements generally requires some other kind of plugin or code modification, so you don’t have to mess your site with that.

Header and logo: The Header tab is separated very well, so you can upload your logo and even create a whole new logo for your phones and tablets. Adjust the logo height, and even change how transparent your header looks.

Typography: Adjust the colors for your buttons, and also choose to write your own custom code if it doesn’t fit too well.

Favicon: Adding a favicon was never been easy. You’ll find a place to add a favicon to your online store right in the dashboard.

Pros and Cons

  • New layouts for your product page.
  • Allow products discoverable by groups and subcategories
  • Build your own exclusive overview of products
  • Youtube video support in product galleries
  • Cons: Thumbnail images might cause an issue to set up for the perfect view
  • Cons: Sometimes it gets interrupted when trying to connect with the Envato server


Aurum is a clean and simple WordPress WooCommerce theme that will offer a quick shopping experience for your customers. The theme can be found in numerous companies such as websites linked to boutiques, bookstores, pieces of jewelry, electronics and many more eCommerce. It’s attractive, versatile, well-designed and coded.

Aurum WooCommerce Features

  • Shopping Pages: Select from various categories of portfolio pieces, over 30 + styles that have been made.
  • Responsiveness and retina ready: Works smoothly for any computer on any Screen, pictures, fonts, and texts in high quality
  • AJAX add to cart: The feature helps consumers to add single products or variable items
    in the cart per time without having to restart the whole platform.
  • GeoLocation Based Welcome page: Redirect your users to their regional store
  • Product Shortcodes: Advanced custom fields support

Pros and Cons

  • WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) supported + included
  • Products Carousel
  • Cons: The configuration process can be particularly frustrating for new users


If you’re looking for a real multi-purpose WordPress theme that has a significant focus on creating e-commerce shops, then Porto might be exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you want to sell
items from your website or build an eCommerce shop from scratch, Porto has complete support for the WordPress Online Shop Designer plugin, WooCommerce.

Porto woocommerce features

  • High Performance: Efficient speed of loading is the key to your progress in e-commerce.
  • Exclusive Features: Porto gives a lot of exclusive e-commerce functionality than the other platform.
  • Layouts: woo-commerce is the most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online shop
  • Shop Category Pages: the category page can show from more than 8 columns of products.

Pros and Cons

  • Exclusive layouts and functionality make you completely and correctly use all of the tools of WooCommerce.
  • You can customize any section of the entire site with user-friendly admin panel
  • Page builder supported
  • Porto fits perfectly for some low-level servers or shared hosting.
  • Cons: Lack of support from WordPress customizer


The eStore theme is fully compatible with plugins like Wishlist WooCommerce and YITH WooCommerce. If you are an online store owner, this theme should make it a lot easier to draw customers and sell products. eStore is one of the most famous WordPress WooCommerce / eCommerce Design themes at

eStore woocommerce features

  • WooCommerce Product Category Color options
  • WooCommerce Archive/Cateogry Page Layout option
  • WooCommerce Single Product Page Layout option
  • Product Collection in One Page ( Collection Template )
  • Add to Cart via AJAX
  • YITH WooCommerce Wishlist compatible
  • Threaded Comments

Pros and Cons

  • The eStore comes in 5 colors. If you don’t like the default design then you may find the variants in Red, Blue, Green or Silver.
  • Supports more than 600 fonts, including google fonts. Pick one which suits your sort of website.
  • You will compose custom CSS to change the look and the theme style as you wish. And if you change the theme it will stay there.
  • Cons: PayPal Shopping cart is incredibly user-friendly but does not provide the same range of options as eShop.

ECommerce sites have many more settings and options in each theme. And It is not very easy to change an e-commerce theme when you already have a running website. So choose wisely so you don’t have to deal with another theme change very soon. Always think about theme support and renew the theme every year for support. Most themes are around $60 per year and that is a small price to pay for yearlong support and updates. If you still have some question please ask it here in the comments section.


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