5 Best WordPress Parallax Plugins

Are you looking to implement the cool parallax scrolling effect on your WordPress website? This article will share the 5 best parallax plugins for WordPress.

What is Parallax?

Parallax is basically a scrolling effect which involves the background frame changing with the foreground frame as you scroll. The speed of both can vary according to your needs. But usually the foreground frame moves at a faster speed than the background one.

5 Best WordPress Parallax Plugins:

1. Advanced WordPress Backgrounds

AWB lets you set up many parallax backgrounds. With 20,000+ active installations and a 4.5 rating it is one of the most common plugins used for displaying parallax effects on your WordPress website.

Supported background types include:

  • Images/Pattern Images
  • Self-hosted Videos
  • Youtube/Vimeo

It also has support for page builders such as Gutenberg and WPBakery Page Builder.

2. Essential Addons for Elementor

Elementor is currently one of the best page builders and is being used by 5+ million WordPress websites. Not everything is possible in a single plugin and Elementor allows extensions to create infinite possibilities with what can be done using the Elementor page builder.  The premium version of Essential Addons for Elementor allows you to add parallax effects on your WordPress website. With 700,000+ active installations you can’t go wrong with this extension. The only downside is that the parallax option is available only in the paid version.

3. Parallax Scrolling Enllax.js

Parallax Scrolling is a lightweight easy to use plugin that allows you to add the parallax effect on any scrolling element on your website. One of it’s pros include the ability to add parallax effects on both the directions – vertically and horizontally.

4. Parallax Image

Parallax Image uses the parallax.js javascript library to add the parallax effects on your backgrounds. Some of its parameters include:

  • Setting the image path
  • Setting the height
  • Speed
  • Z-index
  • Different image for mobile
5. Master Slider

Master Slider has over 100,000+ active installs and a 4.5 rating on the WordPress plugin store. Among many features it allows you to add parallax effects while scrolling and layers parallax effects. Although, the parallax option is available only in the pro version.


These are tested and the most common plugins for showing parallax effects on your WordPress website. Adding parallax effects on scrolling elements can enhance the look of your website tremendously and add a modern touch to it.

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