How to Use BITNAMI on WordPress

BITNAMI is an application that creates a ready-to-use LAMP stack (Linux, Apache MySQL, and PHP) to run WordPress (and other web applications). It does this by providing you with the command line tools so you can have your own servers in minutes. This allows for easy management of data through their cloud platform.. Once installed, you can manage your data through the web-based control panel. It is very easy to use and allows for one-click installations of WordPress or other popular applications that run Bitnami. I will also include an installation guide as well as some example code on how to configure your WordPress site with BITNAMI

Installing BITNAMI

Of course, to use BitNami WordPress Stack on your PC, you have to download and install it first. The installation process is nearly identical across all platforms – so no weird jaunts to type sudo for Linux users.

You can find BitNami free to download on this page. When it’s done downloading, run the file. Go through the setup process and click the options that are relevant to your planned site. Respond to any on-screen prompts or messages accordingly as well. We’ll walk you through an example installation so that you have an idea of what to do.

The first page welcomes you to BitNami with a nice little text blurb. Click forward.

Next, select which components you want to install. If in doubt, you can just install the recommended components that have already been checked.

After that, you get a prompt to pick an installation folder. Choose the right location for your BitNami WordPress Stack installation and proceed.

Now it should ask for a password. Whatever password you provide will be your WordPress admin login as well, so make sure to keep it safe.

Now, you need to give your brand new site a name. There’s no need to change the hostname unless you’re absolutely certain you need to.

Wait for the installer to copy its files and set everything up for you, then click “Finish” to launch your new website.

Installing BitNami using LAMPStack for WordPress

Another way to set up BitNami for WordPress is by using LAMPStack, which is a software package with everything you need to install a LAMP (Linux Apache, MySQL, and PHP) environment for either development or production. The latest version is also available for Mac and Windows.

Our friends at BitNami also made the installation process the same across all platforms for BitNami LAMPStack, same as for BitNami WordPress Stack, so this guide will be useful to anyone, not just users on Linux.

After you download the setup file, run it to launch the installer. They’ll ask you to pick a location first. Pick the right location for the installation and enter a secure SQL root password. Wait for the installer to run through the installation process, then click Finished to launch the program.

Now, you have to go over to the WordPress website and follow their instructions to install WordPress on your LAMPStack instance. If you follow them precisely, you should have a functional WordPress installation before long.

Drawbacks to using BITNAMI

In the next section, I will write about some disadvantages and concerns with BITNAMI so that you can make an informed decision before installing it on your computer or server.

SSL Disadvantages

It may be a bit tricky to enable SSL on your site using BitNami, as it might vary depending upon what platform you are running WordPress from. For instance, in Plesk Windows VPS hosting for example I have found that sometimes the .htaccess file is ignored when attempting to upload custom SSL certs so there’s no point uploading them because they won’t work anyway! You’ll probably need SSH access or something similar too which could prove difficult for some people; lots of people don’t know how to use terminal emulators etc.

Plugin Updates

Sometimes I can’t update my plugins through BITNAMI’s dashboard but instead through FTP or my server. This article explains how you can update your plugins manually. You may also experience issues updating WordPress itself.

How much does BITNAMI cost?

There is no fixed price for setting up LAMPStack, but there are several plans that range from $25/month all the way up to $300/month depending upon what features you want to be included (SSL certs, etc.).

I hope you found this article helpful, and even WP beginners will be able to understand how to properly install BITNAMI for WordPress.

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