How To Save And Publish Your Content In WordPress Block Editor

Most of the people running WordPress websites are familiar with the Classic editor but not so many with the new Gutenberg block editor. In this article we are going to show how you can save and publish your content using the Gutenberg block editor.

What is the Gutenberg block editor

Gutenberg is the latest post editor from WordPress which takes a completely different approach when it comes to post editing. It was introduced at the end of 2018 and replaces the old Classic editor.

The Gutenberg editor uses blocks to add content to a post. There are several blocks for different things such as text block, image block, file block and various others. Depending on the content you want to add you can choose the appropriate block and add it in the editor and edit it individually.

Below are steps to save and publish your content using the WordPress Gutenberg block editor

  1. Visit Posts -> Add New from your admin dashboard.
  2. You will see an Add title text field where you can add the title of the post.
  3. Now to start adding content to the post, click on the + icon at the top on the left hand side.
  4. Once clicked, a menu will popup with various block options and a search bar. You can simply type the block you want to add.
    For example, if you want to add an image to the post then type image in the search bar. Under Media you will find an Image block option. Click on it. The image block will now get added to the editor.
    Similarly for adding text you can add the Paragraph block under TEXT option.
    There are also several widgets and embed options which you can browse under the Blocks section.
    You can further edit the blocks from the small toolbar that you get at the top of the individual blocks. The toolbar options will vary according to the block type.
    Each block also gets its own settings option which you can use to change the settings of that particular block.
  5. Once done you have three options on the top bar on the right hand side.
    Save draft – This option will let you save the content and settings of this page but the post will not be visible on your website.
    Preview – You can use this option to have a look at how your post will look once it is live.
    Publish – This option lets you save and make the post visible to everyone on your website. Once clicked the post will be searchable and available under blog posts on your website.
  6. That’s it. Once you click on the Publish button your post will be saved and published on the website.


Note: The Gutenberg block editor will be available to you if you are using WordPress versions 5 and up. If you are on older versions then you can install the Gutenberg plugin to use the block editor.

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