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BlueHost : $3.95 Per Month – What to Expect

Affordable web hosting is desirable and many web hosting companies extend this feature to their potential and existing subscribers. BlueHost affordable web hosting plans are notable, especially with the quality of the services intact. Whether you are an individual or small business owner, BlueHost at $3.95 Per Month provides you with even further affordability on its various web hosting packages and plans.

About BlueHost

Since its inception in 1996, BlueHost Web Hosting Company has been known to be consistent with quality web hosting services to its customers. The company is noted for affordable hosting plans and services with quality guaranteed. Also, on top of the inherent affordability, BlueHost constantly offers Deals and discount offers to help its clients achieve further affordability. The company is rated among the top 20 largest web hosts as noted by Wikipedia. The company records over 20,000 new customers on a monthly basis, thus over 1.9 million domains are hosted by BlueHost. This statistics provides you with a reliable fact to base your decision of signing up with the company or otherwise.

BlueHost Deals at $3.95 Per Month – What Should You Expect?

Usually, people perceive a likely alteration in the quality of most services when a discount is offered. However, this is rarely the case, especially with quality web hosting services. In the web hosting world, discounts are often made available to users for reasons that exclude quality reduction.

So, when leveraging BlueHost Deals $3.95 Per Month, these are the benefits you should look forward to;

24/7 Customer Support at no Extra Cost
BlueHost guarantees 24/7 customer support with its $3.95 Per Month, at no additional cost. Thus, in addition to unlimited hosting features such as storage space, bandwidth and email accounts, you can access the company’s customer support feature at no additional cost. So, while enjoying 50% discount with Bluehost $3.95 coupon code, you have unlimited access to the company’s customer support features for any technical assistance that you require.

Bluehost’s round-the-clock customer support is known to be fast and reliable, whether you are using the email feature, ticket system, chat tool, video tutorial or contacting them via phone. You can only experience less than 30 seconds hold-time when using BlueHost customer support service. A lot of users and review sites have commended this fast and responsive compliance, considering that BlueHost is servicing tons of clients almost simultaneously. There are different customer support options to choose from even if you are taking advantage of BlueHost Deal $3.95 Per Month to achieve further cost-effectiveness. These options are phone support, live chat, ticket system, video tutorials, and the follow-up set-up wizard.

According to top web hosting reviews on the web, “BlueHost customer support team usually goes out of its way to assist users in resolving technical issues”. If you are just getting started with web hosting services, this responsive and fast customer support will guide you through the set-up process successfully, and you can always fall back on such quality support when issues arise thereafter. This is something desirable, and one of the reasons why BlueHost generates tons of positive reviews from its customers as well as top web hosting review sites and forums.

Anytime Money-Back Guarantee
Bluehost’s anytime-money-back guarantee does not only apply to the full price of their web hosting plan but also to the discount offer. So,  you can request for a refund if the web hosting package does not deliver the expected outcome.

The Same State-of-the-Art Technology at Half the Price
The unlimited web hosting services from Bluehost come with varieties of state-of-the-art technologies and this does not change even when you are only paying half of the price with the 50% discount. Some of those pioneering technologies you can enjoy even for half of the price include CPU Segregation Technology from Bluehost. This feature is a breakthrough web hosting tool designed to manage the CPU operation as well as memory allocation for every shared hosting account. As a result, it becomes substantially easier to prevent over-usage by terrible users. Bluehost is said to be outstanding in its services of reselling servers via a third-party technology. This is attributed to the company’s comprehensive development team, plus the millions of dollars that the company itself invests annually to keep its web hosting technology up-to-date and consistently superb.

Excellent Customer Support

Using the BlueHost at $3.95 Per Month, you will also enjoy the 24/7 customer support service that Bluehost offers its customers. This feature is a desirable addition to the tons of web hosting add-ons and tools that come with Bluehost web hosting plans and packages. So, the discount offer does not exclude you from the valuable customer service offered by Bluehost. The company’s customer support service is known to be fast and responsive, whether you are contacting them via email or phone. And, you don’t have to wait up to thirty seconds to get through to Bluehost customer support service.

You can take advantage of BlueHost Deals $3.95 Per Month while the offer lasts.

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