How To Change Password In WordPress

The security of your WordPress website is of utmost importance. One should never compromise when it comes to the security of his website. A password is the key to your website and a part of keeping your website secure.

Why will someone need to change the password?

WordPress allows you to set a password for your website during the installation process. Most people may not find the need to change it but there are many reasons why you might want to change it. Some of the reasons could be:

  • Lost your password – Maybe you forgot it or lost the page you wrote your password on. In this case you will need to change the password for your website.
  • Your device got hacked – If your device such as a laptop which you use to access the WordPress website got hacked then it is best to change the password.
  • Someone else knows it – Many times we share the password with a partner or team member and later part ways. It is best in such cases to change the password to a new one.

These are just some of the scenarios for why one would need to change the password for his WordPress website. Below we are going to cover foolproof methods that will help you change your password in any case.

Changing the password through admin dashboard

If you still have access to the previous password then it’s best to change it through the admin dashboard.

  1. Visit Users -> Your Profile from your admin dashboard.
  2. Under the Account Management section, click on the Generate Password button in the New Password option.

  3. A secure password will be generated by WordPress for you. You can either use this password or write your own in the password text field. Make sure that the indicator below the password turns to Strong.

  4. Once done click on the Update Profile button. Your password is now changed.

Changing the password from the login page

If you have lost your password then it’s best to change the password from the admin login page.

  1. Visit in your browser. Replace the with your domain name.
  2. Below the login box you will see a Lost your password? Click on it.
  3. On the next page enter the email address or username of your account and click on the Get New Password button.
  4. You will receive a password reset link on the registered email address of your WordPress website.
  5. Copy the reset link form your email and visit it in your browser. Enter the new password and click on the Reset Password button.
  6. You will see a Your password has been reset message. Your password has now been successfully changed.

Changing the password through the database

In case you don’t have access to your password as well as email address then changing the password through the database is the best option.

  1. Visit the control panel of your hosting account. Find and open the phpMyAdmin tool in it.
  2. On the left hand side select the database associated with your WordPress website.
  3. Once done you will see a list of tables. Click on the Browse button next to the wp_users table.
  4. Find your username under the user_login column and click on the Edit button in that row.
  5. A form will appear, in the user_pass row enter your new password in the Value column and select MD5 in the Function column. Click on the Go button.
  6. You can now login to your WordPress website using the new password.


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