How To Cloak Your Affiliate Links

If you’re into internet marketing, you know about affiliate links. You should also know the advantage of cloaking and redirecting them. For those of you who use WordPress, there’s a simple plugin that can save you tons of time and automate the whole process! That plugin is Eclipse Link Cloaker.

How Does Eclipse Benefit You?

  • Automatic link redirecting.
    There’s no need to laboriously update all of your posts to use cloaked links. Just install Eclipse Link Cloaker and it will automatically cloak any external links it finds. Of course, if you want more control you can define exceptions or switch to selective cloaking. You can also cloak/uncloak a number of links based on their domain names or create cloaked links manually. The cloaked links will look like this :
    (automatically cloaked links)
    (user-named cloaked links)

    • Multiple Redirect types.
      Use a plain redirect, show the cloaked link inside a frame, redirect while hiding your referer information, and more.
      301 Permanent Redirect
      302 Found (default)
      307 Temporary Redirect
      Double META refresh (Hides the referer)
      Show the target site in a frame (Cloaks the address bar URL)
    • Automatically turn keywords into links.
      Assign one or more keywords to a cloaked link, and the plugin will automatically scan your blog for those keywords and turn them into links. You can set the max. number of automatically inserted links per post, exclude specific posts, use custom CSS styles, and more.
    • Easily apply common customizations.
      Make all cloaked links open in a new window, add rel=”nofollow” to stop search engines from following your cloaked links, or change the cloaked URL with just a few clicks.
    • Compatible with all browsers.
      Making your site compatible with all of the popular browsers is important if you want to reach a wide audience. The cloaked links created by the Eclipse Link Cloaker don’t use JavaScript or complex CSS styles, so they will work even for visitors with outdated browsers.

    Get yours and stop losing affiliate commissions today!

    How to use it.

    1. Install and activate the plugin.
    2. Got to Settings > Link Cloaker.

    Here you’ll find tons of options. We’ll just go over a few. ;-)

    1. Under General, Make sure “Cloak links in any part of the site” and “Also cloak links in the RSS feed” are selected.
    2. Under Cloaking mode, you’ll have to decide whether to automatically cloak all or none of your links. You can manually change any link with either a <!–cloak–> or <!–nocloak–> designation.
    3. Under Link prefix, you have the ability to change what the links look like. I left the default of  “recommends”.
    4. Under Cloaking type, you can choose between using a 301 Permanent Redirect, a 302 Found (which is the default), a 307 Temporary Redirect, a Double META refresh (Hides the referer), and Show the target site in a frame (it cloaks the address bar URL). I went with the default of 302 because I don’t want it to pass page rant to a page that technically isn’t even there. ;-)
    5. Under Tweaks, I highly recommend making sure that all options are selected.

    Good luck with your affiliate sites. May the clicks be with you.

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