How To Setup Conditional Discount In WooCommerce

Having store wide discounts might not be feasible every time. This is where conditional discounts come in, they help you set up discounts based on various conditions such as cart value, products in the cart, discount for products from only specific categories, limited customers, how many times a coupon can be used, buy one get one free and many more such conditions.

In this article, we are going to show how you can set up conditional discount in WooCommerce. We will be doing this with the help of Advanced Coupons plugin.

  1. Install and activate the Advanced Coupons plugin.
  2. A Coupons menu has been added to the admin sidebar menu. Navigate to Coupons -> Add New.
  3. In the Coupon code field enter a name of the coupon.

    Scroll down to the Coupon data box.
    Under the General tab in the Discount type dropdown you can choose the type of discount that should be applied to the cart whether you want a fixed discount amount or a percentage based discount.
    In the Coupon amount field enter the value of the discount. If you have chosen a fixed cart discount then enter the discount amount to be applied and if you have chosen the Percentage discount then enter the discount percentage.
    In the Coupon expiry date you can enter the expiration date of the coupon.
  4. Select the Usage restriction tab now.
    In Minimum spend and Maximum spend you can enter the minimum and maximum amount of cart value respectively for the coupon to be applicable.
    In the Products field enter the products this coupon should only be applicable to if any.
    Similarly in the Product categories you can choose the categories the coupon should be applicable to.
  5. Select the Usage limits tab now.
    In the Usage limit per coupon, enter the number of times the coupon can be used on your store by customers before the coupon is disabled.
    In the Usage limit per user, enter the number of times the coupon can be used by a customer.
  6. If you want only customers with specific roles to be able to use the coupon then select the Role Restrictions tab.
    Check the Enable role restrictions box.
    In the User Roles box select all the roles the coupon can be used by.
    Similarly if you want a specific role to be unable to use the coupon then select the Disallowed option in the Type dropdown and enter the role in the User Roles box.
  7. If you want to offer a BOGO deal on your store then you can do so from the BOGO Deals tab.
  8. Once done click on the Publish button in the Publish box.

    The coupon code is now live and anyone who meets the cart conditions set for the coupon can get the benefits of the coupon.

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