How To Create Custom Domain Email

Are you tired of using the same email domains as everyone or run a business and want your email to look professional? In this article we are going to cover how you can get a custom domain email.

What is the domain in an email?

The format of an email is [email protected]. Here the is the domain part of an email and mostly,, or similar free email service providers are used by everyone. You can understand the domain of an email as the part that comes after the @ symbol.

Buying a domain and hosting plan for the custom email

For a custom domain email you will first need a domain name. A dot com domain usually sells for around $10/year and if you want something cheap then you can go for other tlds.

This domain name will be the custom domain name that will be followed after the @ symbol. So if you buy a domain name called then your email would be [email protected].

With the domain name you will need a hosting package. There are various options in the market such as Bluehost, Hostgator and DreamHost. You can get a shared hosting plan which usually starts at $5/month.

Creating a custom domain email

Visit the cPanel of your server from your hosting account. Under the Emails section click on the Email Accounts link.

Enter your username in the Username field and a password in the Password field. You can also auto generate a strong password by clicking on the Generate button. Choose the disk space you want to allot to the email account and click on the create account button. Your custom domain email address is now ready.

Linking the email account with mail clients

In the email accounts dashboard you will now see the newly created email account. On the right hand side click on the CONNECT DEVICES button. Under the Mail Client Manual Settings you will find all the necessary information required to add the email account to any mail client. You can choose from SMTP protocol or the IMAP protocol. If you are not sure then go with the IMAP protocol.

You can use mail clients such as Thunderbird by Mozilla or even add your email account to Gmail and browse your emails through Gmail.

Adding the email account to Gmail

For adding your custom email account to Gmail visit the Settings section of your Gmail account and click on the Accounts and Import tab. Click on the Add a mail account in the Check mail from other accounts option. Enter the details of your email server that we checked earlier in the Mail Client Manual Settings. You will need to copy the POP details for Gmail.

Once done click on the Add Account button and follow the further basic steps. Your new custom domain email account will be added to Gmail once done.

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