How To Create A Menu In WordPress

Menu is something that is very important for a website. Having a properly structured menu list is necessary. Without it your website can be hard to navigate and the visitor will likely leave your website before trying to find what he was looking for.

Are you looking to add a menu to your website?

You have come to the right place. In this guide we are going to show how you can add a menu to your WordPress website.

What is a Menu?

Menu is basically a list of navigational links that allow the visitors to find different areas of a website easily. They are mostly positioned at the top section of a website.

As everything WordPress makes adding a menu to your website very easy. These can be a link to an about us page, a link to your contact page or a drop down list of links to different categories of your website.

Below are steps for creating a new menu in WordPress:

First you will have to open the admin dashboard of your WordPress website.

Now navigate to the Appearance -> Menus page.

The page for creating a new menu should be displayed now. Enter a name for your menu in the Menu Name field.

Click on the Create Menu button.

On the left hand side you will see Add menu items widget.

Click on the View All tab and it should list all the links available to include in the menu. Suppose we have to add the homepage to the menu. We will click on the Pages section, click View All and then select the Home check box. Now click on the Add to Menu button.

The Home bar should be added to the Menu we created earlier now.

Similarly you can add category pages or any custom links by choosing the appropriate options from the Add menu items section on the left.

For creating a drop down list of menu items you can drag the individual menu over the parent menu item and drop.

You can also edit the text of your menu items by clicking on the drop down arrow on the right hand side of each menu item.

Once you have finalized the items you want to add to the menu, you will see a Menu Settings option at the bottom. This allows us to tell WordPress which areas the menu should be shown.

Depending on the theme the options vary. But mostly the menu should be included in Desktop Horizontal Menu and Mobile Menu in the Display Location option. There are various other options too such as Footer Menu and Social Menu. 

After selecting the appropriate Display Location you can click the Save Menu button.

You can now visit your homepage and see the menu bar live in action. Click around and see if the menu items are enough to navigate your website. You can always add more menu items later on.

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