Godaddy 99 Cent Domain Coupons Updated 2021

GoDaddy Coupon CJCSIG99C gets you a brand new dot-com domain for simply ninety-nine cents!

GoDaddy $0.99 .COM Domain Coupon 2019

These $0.99 coupon codes are only valid for new customers who have never used this kind of coupon before to register a new .COM domains. Some coupon codes can also be used to transfer a domain from other providers.

New Godaddy 99 cent Coupons (Updated May 3rd 2020)



CJCSIG99C – SPECIAL OFFER! .COM just $0.99; Save 60% off for the 2nd year!

GPPT02K500 – SPECIAL OFFER! .COM just $0.99! Additional .COMs just $9.99* per year!

MMANUTS99 – .COM domain just $0.99 the 1st year, $9.99/2+ years

CJC99ZCOM1 – .COM domain just $0.99 the 1st year, $9.99/2+ years

CJCCOUP99 – New registration or transfer .COM domain just $0.99

CJCEB99 – $0.99 price good for the first year of one new or transfer .COM per customer. CJCRMNCA99 – Get new $0.99 .COM Domain 


For $0.99 domain at GoDaddy, not all payment methods valid with this offer, acceptable payments will display in cart at checkout. Credit/Debit/Prepaid Card and Checking Account are acceptable. And some offers just for US. and CA customers.

*Other working $0.99 .COM promo codes



  • Each coupon code can be used once.
  • Plus ICANN fee of $0.18/per domain/year.
  • Only Credit Card accepted.

GoDaddy $0.99 .COM Coupon by location

These coupons are especially dedicated to customers in specific countries. Please choose your Country/Region to get the promo price.

GoDaddy India Rs 99 Coupon

CJC99R – .COM just Rs 125!Order Now – .CLUB for only Rs 99

GoDaddy UK £0.99 Coupon

CJC99UK1 – SPECIAL OFFER! .COM just £0.99*! Additional .COMs just £6.99* per year!CJC99UK – SPECIAL OFFER! .COM just  £0.99*

GoDaddy Canada C$0.99 Coupon

CJC99CA – .COM just C$0.99*! Additional .COMs just C$10.99* per year! – For Canadian Only

GoDaddy Australia AU$0.99 Coupon

CJC99AU – .COM just $0.99*! Additional .COMs just $10.99* per year! – For Australian Only

GoDaddy Brazil R$0.99 Coupon

CJC99BZ – R$6,99* .COM – For Brazilian Only

***Please leave a comment below if any of them expired.

Do you use often? Even if you have been a customer of Godaddy as a veteran, these coupon codes will help you save money. New to Godaddy? Even better – watch out for certain promo deals only for new customers!

First, know this. To use a promo code, you will apply it to your checkout process after you have what you want to buy. You can use these promo codes for almost all purchases you use with them. It’s a great way to pinch hefty pennies, sometime even getting bonus items (depending on the offer).

Now, first go the “cart” on the website. This is where what you have in your checkout with Godaddy will be listed. Essentially the cart holds what you will be purchasing.

The picture above illustrates an example of how to access the cart at The red circle includes what is inside your cart. Also, when you have everything you need and would like to purchase, hit the orange “Go to Cart”. This will take you to the next stage of the check out process.

The picture above is the last page where we can add our coupon or promo code! In the red highlighted circle it shows where you click to add to the promo code. It will give you a small area to type the promo code, then an apply button. After you have entered in your desired promo, click apply. If the promo you added to your checkout is valid for what you have in your cart, you will receive the promotion. Always try to double check your coupons before you add everything all in, sometimes it is very easy to copy and paste the wrong coupon, and then have issues. But, you won’t have that problem.

Why Can’t I Buy a Domain With 99 cents Offer?

Its only one domain per account is allowed so if you already got one for 99 cent then you can get another one using the same account. Use a different account or make new one if needed. It is also possible that the code you are using is not intended to be used in your region.

Why can’t I pay using Paypal ?

To get this offer you must have credit or debit card associated with your account to get 99 cents offer.

How many Domains I can get for this 99 cents offer?

If you have multiple credit or debit cards then you can make multiple accounts and get this offer for each of the accounts.

If you have any problems viewing the pictures above, make sure to double click the image, that should make the image bigger resolution. Cheers to your success!
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