Delete WordPress Account And Site Guide [Updated 2020]

WordPress is simple to use and powerful enough to build various kinds of websites. This is the only reason why WordPress has risen so far in prominence. WordPress gives you the freedom to do whatever you want with it and if needed modify it to your own personal needs.

So if anything goes wrong and you want to start over again from start and do not want to keep the old site then you may need to delete your old WordPress site. Here is this article we will discuss various ways we can delete the WordPress site and WordPress account from and Self hosted version of WP.

Where is your Site Located? or Do you have A self-hosted Version of It

Before we start please note that WordPress comes in two versions: and (self-hosted). This article helps you to learn how to uninstall/delete a self-hosted WordPress  Site and the Site/Account from

Delete your Website from

You can’t uninstall WordPress from here because it’s hosted on their server. However, you can delete your website/blog and your account.

  • Login to with your account details. Then the dashboard of will appear in front of your screen. On a left-hand side, you will see your site just click that. If you have multiple websites then you can switch sites for deleting the particular site you want to delete.

Login to

  • The dashboard will appear with some useful settings for your website on the left-hand side of your screen. The option called “Manage” click that option. Under that manage option, you will have an option called “Settings”. Hit that settings button to go further.

WordPress Dashboard

  • After that, the settings page will appear in front of your screen. On that particular page, you will find below that page the settings option call site tools. Click that option called “delete your site permanently”.

Delete Site From WordPress

  • Then you will have your Export option and Delete option on the page below. Click the “Delete Site” option and you can see a popup will appear in front of your screen for confirming if you want to delete or not.

Delete Option of WordPress Site

  • Just confirm your site name and hit the “Delete Site Option” to delete your site completely.

Confirm to Delete WordPress Site

Delete your account

  • Go to your web browser and visit If you are not log in then log in using your email and password or if you don’t have an account then create one.

Delete your account

  • After login to WordPress, you will have your dashboard in front of you. There is an option called “Account Settings” in the left-hand side menu bar of your dashboard.

Delete Account

  • After clicking the “Account Settings” you will have your settings page in front of you, Now scroll down that page and the option you can see called “close your account permanently” or delete your account.

How to Delete Your Account

  • Hit that close account option permanently option and you will have the page to close your account with some information. In a dropdown of that page, you will see an option called “Close Account”. Click that button for further process. Account

  • After clicking that “Close Account” option, the popup to account closure will appear in front of you. There you have to type your account ID to confirm for deleting. Then click the option to close the account or delete the account.

Delete WordPress


Delete WordPress From Cpanel / DirectAdmin

Your hosting company can have any of these two admin panels to manage your host, Cpanel and direct admin. CPanel is much more popular but you may also have DirectAdmin. In this section, we will discuss how you can delete your WordPress site using both of them. Our goal is to delete The database and All WordPress files and If the WordPress database user is not associated with any other database then we should delete that user too.

Manually Delete WordPress From Control Panel

Installed on a remote server or shared hosting
  • Visit the “DirectAdmin” dashboard from your browser. You Find an option under the “System info and Files”, Option named File Manager. Click that option.

Delete From CpanelDirectAdmin

  • After clicking the file manager the dashboard of your stored files will appear in front of your screen. In a file section, you will find a folder named “public HTML”. Open that particular folder for further process.

File Manager DirectAdmin

  • After clicking that folder, all of your wp files will appear font of your screen. Just click the box beside the option called file name. Then you can see the option call delete will appear. Just hit the delete button to delete all of your WordPress files.

Remove WordPress from Database

  • Login to your Direct Admin control panel. After that, the dashboard of your admin panel will appear in front of your screen. Under the option called “Account Manager”, you can find an option called “MySQL Management”. Hit that option for the next step.

Remove Database of WordPress

  • Then you can see the dashboard of your MySQL Management. On that particular page, you will find an option called “Database”. Just click the small box pointed beside the database option. Remember one thing you have to delete Database & User both of them, clicking that small box you can do so. After that you will have the “Delete” option front of your screen, just click that “Delete” button to complete the process.

Directadmin Database Option

Automated Uninstall Using Softaculous or Quick Install

Removing WordPress website completely using Softaculous or Quick Install is a very easy process, Just follow the below steps.

  • Open your browser and log in to your cPanel dashboard. Then scroll down to the bottom of your cPanel dashboard. You will find an Option called “Softaculous App Installer or Quick install option”. Click that option for further process.

Automated Uninstall From Softaculous

  • After clicking that Option then you will have your “Softaculous” dashboard. Click the option shows in the picture called WordPress. Then you can see your current installation of WordPress.

Uninstall From Softaculous

  • Scroll down a little bit to the page and you can see the options or settings of your WordPress data. Beneath the option, you can find a remove button or delete button like the picture below. Just hit that Remove button to delete your WordPress.

Automated Uninstall


Delete WordPress From Local Host

A lot of people use WordPress as a testings Environment for their dev site, If you want to remove that from your local PC then you need to delete The database and All WordPress Files from www folder.

  • Login to the PhpMyAdmin dashboard of your localhost. The dashboard of your Cpanel looks like to bellow image, there is an option called Databases, click that button and then you will have your Database customization.

phpMyAdmin Dashboard

  • My WordPress database is named “wp”, you can see it in my list of databases. Before deleting my Database we need to confirm that this is indeed our WordPress Database. To Check that please click on the database to confirm that.

phpMyAdmin Database Option

  • Then the correct database of yours with correct file names will appear in front of your screen, to confirm that. Now search for the table named “****_options” & click that particular table name.

Selecting Your WordPress Database

  • After clicking that table the dashboard will appear with some useful options. Beneath the table name called “option value,” you can see your site “URL” and confirm it properly.

Confirm Your Site URL

  • Now you can see beside of my  ‘’wp’’ database there is a small box to tick right sing. Just click that box and click the ‘Drop’ option to delete that particular database of yours. After clicking that button the pop will appear in front of your screen, click ‘OK’ to continue

Localhost Admin Panel

Confirm to Delete Option


  • Now go to your localhost/wp page and refresh that page, you will have the error message from your database. Now manually go to your XAMPP installed folder and in that folder, you will find a folder called htdocs. Open that particular folder then you can see the folder called ‘wp’. Just click that folder and delete it properly.


Always make sure to take a back up of your WordPress files and database before you delete your website. Because once you delete your WordPress website, there is no going back. However, if your website was is there is a chance to recover your website within 30 days of deleting your website.


Can I delete my WordPress blog and start over?

Yes. It is possible to delete your WordPress Site and account and Build a new one from scratch.

How can I delete my site?

Visit your site’s settings page by clicking on My Site (s) > Manage >Settings. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings page, and select Delete your site permanently. Note that site deletions are permanent!

How do I completely remove a theme from WordPress?

Go to Appearance>Themes>Click On The Theme>Delete.

How can I reactivate a deleted WordPress account?

It is possible to reverse an account closure for the first 30 days after an account is closed. Once the 30 days have passed, all of your sites and account data are purged and cannot be restored.

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