How To Edit Your WordPress Home Page

Are you not satisfied with the default homepage your theme provides? Do you want to customize it according to your needs or change a few elements on the homepage? In this article we are going to show how you can edit your WordPress homepage.

What is a homepage in WordPress?

A homepage is the front page that a user sees when he visits your domain name. By default WordPress displays all the blog posts of your website on the home page. But it can be customized to display many other things as per your requirements.

Editing your homepage in WordPress

An unedited homepage has blog posts displayed on it. But most blogs use a custom homepage and keep a separate page for displaying their blog posts. Below are steps to edit your homepage.

First we will need to create a page which will hold the design for our homepage. You can do it by visiting Pages -> Add New from the admin dashboard.

Name the page as Home or anything that you find suitable and save the page. We will get back to editing the page later on.

Visit Settings -> Reading from your admin dashboard. Under Your homepage displays select the A static page checkbox. Select the Home page that we created earlier from the Homepage dropdown and save the changes.

Now your homepage has been set to the Home page and all we need to do is edit that page to change how your homepage should look.

For editing your homepage, edit the Home page that we created earlier. You can simply add blocks depending on what element you want. WordPress block editor provides various settings and different types of blocks which you can integrate in the page.

Once done. Simply save the page and your homepage should be ready.

If you want to edit just a few elements on your homepage then you can also do it through the WordPress theme customizer.

Visit Appearance -> Customize from your admin dashboard. Depending on the theme there will be many settings option for the Homepage. You can also change or rearrange the elements on the right hand side. The changes will be visible live to you. Publish the changes once done.


The homepage is the face of your website. It is the most visited page of a website and should be perfect. It will also help you build trust and display your website as authoritative. A good homepage will lead to repeat visitors and help in increasing conversions.

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