How to Edit WordPress Pages?

WordPress pages are one of the most important parts of your website. They allow you to display static content seamlessly. In this article we are going to show how you can edit a page in WordPress.

What is a WordPress page?

A page is a post type in WordPress which was introduced in the year 2005 from WordPress version 1.5. It is the best way to post static content such as contact us, about us, legal or any other information that isn’t going to change much.

A page is hierarchical and can have sub pages. This allows us to easily break down large pages into subsections. Pages can also use custom templates specifically made for the page post types.

Editing a WordPress page

WordPress allows editing a page using the WordPress Classic Editor and the Gutenberg Editor.

For editing a page visit Pages -> All Pages from your admin dashboard.

A table with all the pages will be visible. Hover over the page you want to edit.

Once hovered many different options will be visible. We can either use the Edit option or Quick Edit depending on our need for editing a page. Whereas if you want to delete a page then the Bin option should be clicked.

Quick Edit

As the name suggests Quick Edit is best if we want to edit a page quickly. The fields available to edit in this option are title, slug, date, parent, order, privacy, status and template.


The Edit option allows us to edit the page completely and takes us to the WordPress classic editor or the gutenberg editor depending on which editor you are using on the website.


If you want to delete a page from your website then the Bin option should be clicked. Clicking it will send the page to the bin and the page will no longer be visible to the public on your website.

Editing a page using the classic editor

The classic editor is the older version of the WordPress editor. It is fairly simple to edit a page using the classic editor. For formatting text you simply have to select the text and choose from the options available at the top of the editor in the toolbar. There are also options to align text, quote text and change the color of the text.

Editing a page using the Gutenberg editor

Gutenberg is the latest editor from WordPress which uses a block system to add content to the page. To edit a page you will need to add blocks to the page. These can be text blocks, image blocks or any block from the huge block library. To add the block click on the + icon at the top left of the editor.


Depending on your editing requirements you can choose from Quick Edit and Edit options. You can also choose to either use the classic editor or the Gutenberg block editor whichever you are familiar and comfortable with the most.

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