How To Embed Videos On WordPress

Are you looking to embed a video to your WordPress post?

Videos are a great way to convey something to your visitors. There will be many instances where you will have to embed a video in your blog post. In this guide we are going to show step by step instructions on how you can easily embed a video into your WordPress post.

Embedding a video on your post is very easy on WordPress especially from popular sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Embedding a video using the auto-embed feature

WordPress has an auto-embed feature which lets you put the link of a video you want to embed and it will automatically get the embed code from the website. This makes it very easy to embed a video into your post.

Steps to use the auto-embed feature:

First open the post you want to embed the video onto or a new post from your WordPress admin dashboard.

Now in the WordPress editor just paste the link for the video you want to embed.

WordPress will now automatically get the embed code for the video and add it to the post.

Save the post and now you can view the video embedded onto your post.


Embedding video using the embed code

Not every website is supported by WordPress. For such websites you will need to get the embed code directly from their websites.

Steps to embed a video using the embed code:

First get the HTML embed code from the video hosting website.

Now open the post you want to embed the video onto.

Create a new HTML block inside your editor and paste the embed code you got earlier into it.

You can save the post now and view the video embedded into your post live.

Final Thoughts

The above instructions should help you integrate videos into your posts and make them more interactive. There are also various video embed plugins available on the WordPress store. But, why complicate things when they can be done so easily using the WordPress editor itself.

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