How To Fix “http error when uploading images” To WordPress

We all hate the annoying HTTP errors we often come across. It could be due to many reasons and finding it can be painful for someone who doesn’t know where to look for it.

What is an HTTP error?

HTTP error is basically a code which tells that something went wrong. When it comes to WordPress, you will mainly face it when trying to upload images on your website.

Just getting the message “HTTP error” certainly doesn’t help us find the real issue. This article will help you navigate through this problem and fix this error whenever you face it.

The http error message shown can be due to some issue on the client side or server side. Below are a few steps you can take to fix this error.

1. Refresh the page and repeat the process

Many times some files fail to load or a one off issue prevents the image from uploading successfully on the WordPress server. You should first refresh the page and then try uploading the image again to your website.

2. Try uploading with a different browser

Try changing your browser and upload the images again to make sure that the error is not being caused due to any issues from your browser. If the error persists means this is not a browser related issue.

3. Change the file name and remove any special characters

Many times WordPress might have an issue due to duplicate file names. Although, it automatically renames duplicate file names there is a possibility of error due to it. Also, remove any special characters as WordPress might not support them.

4. Try deactivating plugins

Many times security or image optimization plugins prevent images from being uploaded due to many reasons to your WordPress website. Try deactivating any such plugins and then try. If it still doesn’t work then you can also try switching to the default WordPress themes and then try again.

5. Contact your hosting provider

Many times it could also be an issue due to your hosting provider restricting few functionalities on your server. Try contacting them regarding the issue and finding a solution.

6. Low PHP memory limit

Shared servers some times have their memories set to very low limits. This limits the server from processing your upload request. You can fix this issue by increasing your memory limit by editing the wp-config.php file.

Add the code define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’ ); to your wp-config.php file.

This should generally fix any issues caused due to low memory limit.

7. Check your PHP version

Many hosts are still using older php versions which might be causing the errors on your website. Try updating the PHP version of your server to the latest version and see if the problem still exists.


The above steps should be enough to fix any issues you might be facing due to the HTTP error when trying to upload images on your WordPress website. If the above steps still don’t clear the error then it’s best contacting your host regarding it as it might likely be due to some issue from their end.

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