How to give user free product with a purchase based on conditions


Giving free products after a certain amount of purchase to user certainly boost the sale on your website. In this tutorial, we are going to learn how we can do that on our WooCommerce website. It’s fairly easy and takes a couple of minutes to set up. If you want to give a discount to your users based on conditions you can follow this tutorial.


Before implementing this feature you should know, what are the benefits of using it and why you should use it?  The reason for using this is simple you want more people to buy things from your website and nothing attracts people more than the good offer.


Goos strategies before using this kind of offer will surely help you get most of it. Such as putting a time limit and minimum amount so the user buys more and quickly. For example, shop above $100 and get this product free. Also, you can send gifts to users who are frequent buyers.


We are going to learn how to do this without using any plugin. We’ll gonna use WooCommerce built-in coupon feature. However, you can do this with a help of paid plugins but more on that later.

Now to give a free product to a customer we need to add a product if it is not already added. To add a product go to Products>Add New. I am adding a product with the name “Free Product” and a price of $10.

After adding a product go to the Marketing>Coupon section you will notice few new options there, that is because of the plugin which you have installed earlier now add a new coupon. My code is “FREEGIFT” you can use whatever you want.

Next, in the discount type choose “Fixed product discount” and set the coupon amount equal to the product, so it will be free automatically.

In the “Usage Restriction” section go to products and search for that product you want to gift and select it. Now click on publish and your new coupon is live now.

Now we’ll gonna have to put certain conditions on the coupon, you can use whatever condition you want. I am restricting this coupon to be only used if the cart amount is more than $100 and it is applicable for only one time.

Now as you can see in the image above if I buy something above $100 and use this coupon I will automatically get a discount on my free product.

Paid plugins

With the above method, you can give the user a free product but it comes with certain limitations, such as the user must select that product from the cart and manually type the coupon code to get a discount. But you can remove this limit and do a lot more if you opt for a paid plugin.

There are several plugins that you can use such as Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce Coupons or Discount Rules for WooCommerce. These plugins provide the option to add the product into the cart, auto applying the coupons in the cart, and much more.


Now you know how you can give free gifts to your user, consider using a paid plugin if your website is doing well or stick with a free one but send an email, make some posters about free offers, and must add details in FAQs how a user can avail these offers. If you face any issues while implementing this let me know in the comment below.

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