How To Install A WordPress Theme

Not satisfied with the default WordPress theme?

In this guide we will show you step by step instructions on how to install a WordPress theme of your preference. The benefit of using WordPress is that there are thousands of web designers developing for it. Similarly, you will find thousands of themes that are both paid and free. The choices are endless. Sometimes it even gets confusing on which theme to pick due to so many options available.

There are mainly two ways you can install a theme on WordPress:

  1. From the WordPress theme store.
  2. By uploading files from your computer.

We are going to cover both the options below and you can choose whichever option suits you the best.


Installing a theme from the WordPress theme store

WordPress allows you to directly search for themes and install them from your admin area.

For installing a theme you will first need to open your admin dashboard. Then navigate to Appearance -> Themes. On the top you will see a Add New button, click it.

Next you will be taken to a page which lists all the themes available that can be installed on your WordPress website. There are many filters which allow you to narrow down to a list of themes according to your preference. For filtering you will have to click on the Feature Filter button and tick the appropriate check boxes and select the Apply Filters button.

Only the themes that match your criteria will be visible now.

You will find two options below every theme, Install and Preview. You can click the Preview button to see a demo of how the theme will look. If you are not satisfied you can check for another theme. If you find a theme that matches your requirements, click the Install button and the theme will be installed on your website.

After the theme has been installed. You will see an option of activating the theme for your website. Click on the Activate button and the theme should be live on your website.

Hurray! Your website is now using an awesome theme.


Installing by uploading the theme files to your WordPress website

Not every theme is available on the WordPress store. Although there are many good themes in the store, you might be looking for something more premium and professional. There are many premium theme stores for WordPress which have the best themes one can ask for.

Below are steps you need to follow to upload and install the theme files on your website:

First you need to have the zip file ready of your theme. You will get the zip file from the marketplace or store you chose the theme from.

Next navigate to Appearance -> Themes  and click on the Add New button on the top.

You will see an Upload Theme button on top which you need to click.

You will now need to select the zip file and click the Install Now button.

Let WordPress do it’s magic and after successfully installing the theme you will see an Activate button, click it.

Hurray! You just installed and activated a new theme for your website.

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