Best Free Multi Vendor Plugin For WooCommerce

Do you want to start your own marketplace where multiple vendors can sell their products?

In this article we will share 3 of the best free multi vendor plugins for WordPress that will allow you to on board multiple vendors who will be able to sell their products through your platform.

Coding an eCommerce store from scratch is not easy. It is best to use an already built eCommerce platform such as WooCommerce which runs on WordPress. Also building a multi vendor platform is complicated. WordPress has many free plugins which enable you to start a multi vendor platform from your WordPress website.

What is a multi vendor platform?

A multi vendor platform is where third party vendors can sell their products on your platform. With a multi vendor setup you manage the site while the vendors manage the inventory and selling part. You can work on a commission basis with the third party vendors.

3 best multi vendor plugins for WordPress

  1. Dokan

Dokan is one of the most popular plugins for multi vendor functionality on your WooCommerce store. It is available in two versions – lite and pro. The lite version is free to use and its features include:

  • Unlimited vendors and ability for each vendor to create unlimited products.
  • Separate dashboard for each vendor.
  • Own store and unique URL for every vendor.
  • Customizable commission rates.
  • Vendors can manage coupons and discounts for their store.

Dokan is a scalable marketplace with options to sell physical, downloadable, auction and many more types of products. It also allows you to earn on commission or subscription basis.

2. WC Vendors Marketplace

WC Vendors is a free plugin for the WooCommerce store. It allows you to create a marketplace in your store and allow third party vendors to sell. It’s features include:

  • Easy to use.
  • Create unlimited vendors and products.
  • Ability to sell physical, digital, subscription, auction and tangible products.
  • Option to earn a percentage on the sales of vendors.

Overall WC Vendors is a great plugin to enable multi vendor functionality on your WooCommerce store. Plus, you can customize your stores and use their shortcodes for additional functionalities.

3. WC Marketplace

WC Marketplace can be your one stop solution for enabling multi vendor functionality on your WooCommerce store. It provides regular updates and has a great support team. WC Marketplace is quite different from other multi vendor plugins as it allows you to clone and customize the same product from other vendors. It’s features include:

  • Dashboard for every vendor to manage their store.
  • Admins can send notifications to vendors and chat with individual vendors.
  • Ability to enable submitting reviews for only those who have purchased the product.
  • Clone and customize the same product from other vendors.


The above 3 plugins should help you turn your WordPress website into a multi vendor marketplace for free. They include most of the features you will need and should be sufficient for general needs.

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