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Do you have reason to believe that your WordPress website might be infected with malware? Is your website behaving weirdly or visitors to your website are being redirected somewhere else? There could be a strong possibility that your website has been hacked and contains malware.

In this article, we are going to share some of the best online malware scanners for WordPress.

What is a malware and what do hackers gain from installing malwares on your website?

Malware or malicious program is a type of software that is designed to exploit a network, server or device. Malware on your website will lead to it being pushed down and even being delisted from search engine rankings.

Hackers can benefit in many ways by installing malware on your website such as:

  • Redirecting your website visitors to their own domain or affiliate offers.
  • Gaining access to your visitors data through your website’s database.
  • Further installing malware on your visitors’ devices and exploiting them.
  • Adding hidden links to their own domains for increasing their SEO score.
Below are the best online malware scanners for your WordPress website
  1. SiteCheck

SiteCheck is an online malware scanner by Sucuri which is a WordPress security service provider. One of the best features of this online tool is it also scans the websites linked in the url you provide. This allows us to check if any suspicious domain is being linked from the website. SiteCheck scans for any malicious code in your website or if any spam advertisements are being displayed.

2. Google Safe Browsing

This online tool by Google allows you to discover if your website has been compromised by malware. Using this tool will also assure you if Google finds your website safe to browse or not. By entering your domain in the Google search console you can also be notified whenever Google comes across any malware on your website. Plus, it also provides a few steps to remove it.

3. Quttera

Quttera is a great online malware scanner and crawls through websites to find any traces of malicious codes, suspicious iframes, links to external websites, and redirects. Quttera also matches your domain from the list of blacklisted domains provided by services such as Google safe browsing, PhishTank, etc.
4.  Pentest-Tools

Pentest-Tools is a suite of penetration testing tools that features an in-depth WordPress vulnerability scanner. Using non-authenticated scans, the WPScan tool looks for weak spots in the core architecture, as well as themes and plugins, all while simulating an outside attack. This lets you perform high-level penetration testing and security audits on your sites. Lastly, it generates quick reports separated into high-medium and low-risk levels.


Having malware on your website is a very serious issue. It can tank your search engine rankings and lead to your website visitors falling rapidly. Scanning your website using the online malware scanners listed above can help in getting rid of the malware before they cause any serious damage to your website.

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