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Someone who is new to WordPress might get confused between a post and a page. On WordPress there are two options through which you can post content – via post or a page.

There are many reasons for someone to get confused in between a post and a page. The most common being they both look the same. So why are there two options for posting? Lets first try to understand what a post and a page is.

What is a Page?

Think of a page as something that isn’t similar in nature to other content on your website. For example, an about us page or a contact us page. They both are also meant to stay alive forever and are static in nature. Anything that doesn’t change much over time needs to be posted via pages.

What is a Post?

Posts are blog content that are dynamic in nature. Every time you want to add content to your blog, you should use posts. All the posts are listed in reverse chronological order on the blog section of your WordPress website.

Difference between Pages and Posts:
  • Pages are not meant to expire. An about us page will never go out of date, might need updates but not expire. While posts can expire, for example content such as best shoes 2020 will expire and need updates.
  • Pages should be limited in numbers and creating too many pages should be avoided. Whereas most of your sites content should be posted through posts. It doesn’t matters how many posts you create.
  • Pages don’t have a comment section. Pages are just meant to deliver information to your visitors. Whereas posts have comment sections as you want to hear from your visitors regarding the content that you posted.
  • Pages lack social sharing options. You don’t want people sharing your terms and conditions or contact-us page on social media sites. While posts have the social media sharing options, as you want your content to be shared as much as possible.
  • The design of a page is customizable. You have options to use custom templates for pages to get a different look for a page. While posts will have the same look throughout every post.
  • Pages don’t have an author name or published date. Whereas posts do.

The main difference between a page and post is that pages are meant to be timeless whereas posts are time bound. So, whenever you get confused just remember that anything static needs to be posted in pages whereas anything that is timely should go in posts.

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