How to Remove/Hide Page Title from WordPress?

Showing the title of a page might not be appropriate many times. As wider audience starts using WordPress for their online presence, the need of WordPress for just blogging purposes is coming to an end.

There are many ways to hide or remove the title of a page in WordPress. We are going to cover some ways through which you can hide the title of a page.

Hiding the title using a plugin

Hiding the title of a page can be done easily using the Title Remover plugin.

Title Remover

Steps to hide the title of a post using the plugin:

  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. Edit the post you want to hide the title from.
  3. For those using the Gutenberg editor, find the Hide Title? option in the Document tab and click the Hide the title for this item checkbox.
    For those using the Classic editor, the Hide Title box will be available in the right sidebar.
  4. The title should now be hidden from your page.

Hiding the title of all the pages at once

While the Title Remover plugin will help you with hiding the title of individual pages. To hide the title of all the pages follow the below steps.

  1. Navigate to Appearance ->Customize from your admin dashboard.
  2. Click on the Additional CSS menu.
  3. Add the below code in the editor and click the Publish button.
    .page .entry-title{
  4. The titles from all the pages should now be hidden on your WordPress website.

If for some reason the title doesn’t get removed. You will have to find the css class of the title from one of the pages and use it instead of entry-title.

For finding the class you will have to right click on the title of the page and click on Inspect Element. A window will open in your browser, now you need to copy the class name inside the <h1> tag.

Hiding the title without setting any title to the page

If you are not comfortable with editing any CSS file or don’t want to use any plugin for the task then you can also hide the title by not setting it in the first place.

For the link to the page, you can easily edit the permalink for that and set it to the appropriate slug for the page.


While the title of a page plays an important role in SEO and giving a concise idea about the page, the title might not be appropriate in all the cases. You can choose any method you are comfortable with from the above tutorial and the title of your page should be hidden.

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