What is Rss Feed for WordPress and How to Use it

Do you want your website’s visitors to always be up to date with your website’s content? Then you should definitely integrate RSS Feeds in your WordPress website.

What is RSS?

Rss stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is a web feed that allows readers to access the content of a website in a readable format. RSS uses the computer readable XML format for providing the website’s content.

RSS is mostly popular among readers who want to keep up to date with news and posts from their favorite websites. It helps website owners by allowing them to keep their frequent visitors up to date.

Steps to integrate RSS in your WordPress website
  1. Visit Appearance -> Widgets from your admin dashboard.
  2. From the available widgets add the RSS widget to your widget area.
  3. Enter the RSS url, configure the other settings and click on the Save button.
  4. RSS Feeds are now live on your website.

Anyone with the RSS url of your website can add it to their RSS feed reader software for being up to date with your website’s content.

How to use RSS Feeds

The apps which allow you to use RSS feeds are known as feed readers. There are feed readers for almost every device and operating system. There are also many web feed readers.

Getting started with feed readers is very easy. Once you find a feed reader, just add the feed url to the app and whenever new content is posted you can stay updated with the current happenings.

Benefits of RSS

There are many benefits of using RSS on your website. For one it allows your readers to subscribe to your feed url and always stay in the sync. They don’t have to visit your website every time. They can access your and many other websites content from their device at any time from a single app.

RSS helps you build followers for your website in the long run who are going to share your content on social media websites. This will benefit you in getting new readers for your website.


RSS is a great functionality to add to your website. It will help in growing your website further and build a community of dedicated readers. It is about time that you make your website available to the millions of RSS users.

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