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So you wake up this morning and found your website is offline this message on your website saying that “this account has been suspended contact your hosting provider for more information”. So what’s gonna happen now? What can be done? Did I lose my entire website? A lot of questions may race through your mind during this time but there is nothing to panic about it Just follow this article and your website will be up and running in no time.

So what does this mean? It simply means that your web hosting provider suspended your website temporarily and will restore the website as soon as you resolve the issues with your website.

Why My Website Is suspended?

there may be various reasons to get suspended from your web hosting. Here is a list of things for which you can get suspended from your web hosting.

  1. Payment Issue: This could be a payments issue if your web hosting is unable to get payments from you. Just log in to your hosting panel and pay for all due invoices and you are set to go. To remove the notice “this account has been suspended contact your hosting provider” contact them and fix the problem.
  2. Website Hacked/Malware: Now this is more serious. your website may be hacked or got some malware that takes too many resources from your hosting provider. As most of the sites are using shared hosting it may happen as hacked or malware infused sites take more resources. You may need to ask an expert or do it yourself (if you have technical expertise) to remove malware. If you install a plugin with a security flaw, and your blog is hacked, you had better have a good, recent backup or you might just lose everything. I cannot stress the importance of frequent backups. I’ve been called into many situations where there were no recent backups (or none at all) and no backups available from the host, and there was nothing left to recover, so in one case, 3 years of postings virtually every day were gone. Only about 15% of them could be recovered by copy and paste from Google cached pages, the rest were simply gone. I’m not trying to scare anyone off, just letting them know what is ahead. In the last 3 months, I’ve helped to recover a total of 35 blogs that were “hacked.” Luckily in most cases, we were able to recover most of it, but the average cost of recovering one is about $500. Think about that when you ponder if backing up your blog is really that necessary. WordPress has done an outstanding job of jumping on security issues and making WordPress as secure as they can right out of the box, but the thing you have no control over is the web hosting company and their server configurations, and some of them are not all that secure. The best way to fix it is to have a previous malware-free backup that you have taken some time earlier.
  3. Cpu/Memory Abuse: Maybe you are using a bad plugin or script that takes too much CPU resources from your hosting provider. There are a lot of WordPress plugins that are coded very poorly and can use a lot of memory and CPU cycles. The best way to fix it is to remove such plugins or scripts.
  4. Time to upgrade: Another most common thing is that you may be getting a ton of visitors and your shared hosting is limited to bandwidth. So it is a good thing to happen and now you should just upgrade your web hosting to the next level. Its time to go for VPS or dedicated hosting.
  5. Hosting Illegal Content: You may be hosting illegal content on your website. Hosting copyrighted material or software that you do not own can result in suspension. Remove any illegal stuff hosted or linked from your website immediately to resolve this issue.
  6. Terms of Services Violation: Did you read your Hosting company’s TOS? if not then check this immediately. Some providers have issues with an adult website or some specific content. Try to remove them or You better go for a host that supports your website.
  7. Spamming/Phishing: Did you give your website’s email address to someone? Spamming others using emails from your hosting server may bring the suspension and get this “this account has been suspended please contact your hosting provider” notice on your website.

If your Hosting provider is unable to provide any info about infected files then download the most necessary files and reinstall your WordPress and update your Site using the previous database.

To avoid any kind of suspension in the future please read the TOS of your hosting provider and update your payment info on your hosting provider’s billing page. It will ensure that this does not happen again in the near future. And please always take a clean back of your site elsewhere to ensure the safety of your website.

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