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What is Managed Hosting

Choosing the best hosting service for your site is not an easy task. Hundreds of hosting companies claim that they offer unlimited bandwidth and support at a cheap price; don’t trust their convincing words just for the sake of selling.

You should have it in mind that the quality of web hosting is expensive but it is worth investing money in it. Such kind of superior hosting service would let your business grow rapidly and you can stay hassle free from technical glitches.

I believe that you have heard about Managed hosting type and thus you have landed here to read its complete details. I would appreciate your keen interest in knowing, what is managed hosting and its other fine points.

I took a nice opportunity to explain the entire details of managed hosting through this blog post. Don’t think that I’m going to convince you to buy this high-priced hosting service!

However, you will come to know the available management services, reasons to use the managed hosting and who can get this dynamic web hosting service at the end of reading the post.

Let’s get into the matter now!

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting is somewhat similar to dedicated hosting where the hosting provider itself will handle the entire hardware settings of your website.

Yes! The hosting company will take care of the server maintenance tasks and day-to-day activities. You can just sit back & relax.

The types of services in managed hosting vary with the hosting companies. Based on your business requirements, you can get either “Partial Managed Hosting” or “Fully Managed Hosting”.

In partial or semi-managed web hosting, the technical team monitors your website but you will still need to handle some administrative functions to run a smooth website.

In Fully Managed Hosting, you don’t need to bother about the downtime, speed and other technical issues & upgrades as your site will be examined on a regular basis by the professional staffs.

Besides, in managed hosting, the root access of your server will be removed (some companies allow) and you have to use the third-party application or online tool to manage your website.

What Are The Services Included In Managed Web Hosting?

As I said earlier, the management services of managed hosting vary with hosting service providers. Below are the common facilities offered by the managed web hosting.

Installation – Exactly setting up the control panel and operating system to meet the configuration requirements.

Uptime Monitoring – Databases and Networks will be monitored for the server uptime. Regular server scanning to avoid possible malfunction.

Improved Security – Malware scanning, Firewall configuration, and OS updates to enhance data protection.

Complete Backup – Daily backups to stay safe from data thefts.

Other Services – Site maintenance, Auditing, SSH (Secure Shell) access, and Troubleshooting are the few other services included in the managed hosting.

What Are The Benefits of Getting Managed Hosting?

1. Save Time & Money

If you are a small or medium sized business who would like to hire an in-house IT personnel or webmaster to maintain your website, you have to spend some huge dough. On the other side, if you’re a techie and don’t need an expert to handle your site, you will have to spend quality time for the maximum uptime, update the hardware & software, content duplication and yes, speed optimization of your site.

If you’re putting too many efforts in dealing with these essential activities to run a high-performing website, then how could you focus on your business growth? If you opt the managed hosting, you don’t need to outsource any specialized person to supervise the technical aspects of your website and dissipate your time as well. Hence, you can save time and business money by paying for a managed hosting service.

2. Get Personalized Support

The higher the price that you pay for hosting, the top-notch support you will get. Yes, there is no doubt that you will not only get dedicated support but also customized support for your site when you need them. You will not have to raise the ticket and wait in the queue to get the work done by the technical experts.

You may reach the managed hosting provider through Phone or email that would serve quick assistance to solve your complications (if any) and always helps you to keep your site up.

3. High-level Security

Cyberpunks are smart and thus the small businesses are often under hit by malware and intrusion codes to steal the sensitive data. Hence, it is a necessity to select the hosting type that offers the latest security features like virus scanning & removal, spam filtering, system monitoring, firewall configuration, automated backups (at the secondary location) to recover the data, and much more.

Besides, some managed hosting provides SSH access to securely log into your hosting account through the command line. You can have a great piece of mind for security with managed hosting as it boasts all the above-mentioned safety features to offer high-level protection and act against the hacker attacks.

4. Improved Site Speed

The managed hosting company will take responsibility for your site loading speed. It will handle the cache issues and other offenders that make your website to load slow.

Therefore, you can enjoy viewing your site running at the optimal speed in this advanced web hosting type.

Who May Get The Managed Hosting Service?

1. If you have a popular website or wish to build a high-traffic website, you may rely on managed hosting, as it would let you work deliberately for your business expansion.
2. If you have limited knowledge in the technical management of your website and don’t want to frustrate yourself in messing up the tech stuff, you may get this sophisticated hosting service instead of hiring an expert who would charge a heavy fee for providing the service.
3. If you feel that you couldn’t invest dedicated time to handle the back-end undertakings of your site and want to stay productive for your business development, then managed to host is the ideal choice.
4. Even though you are a great techie and would like to administer the technical aspects of your site on your own, would it be possible for you to available 24 X 7 and monitor the servers for speed and performance? It would be somewhat tough, Am I right? So, if you desire to keep an eye on the servers and deal with the probable difficulties that may arise anytime, then the managed hosting should be your choice.

Wrapping Up

If you are shopping for a new hosting plan and would like to know what is managed hosting, then I would say that this post has been crafted for you. Before getting the managed hosting service, you may ask the following questions to yourself!

Could I deal with the downtime issues without any revenue loss?

Would I be able to manage my website myself?

Do I have the in-house IT department to solve the technical faults?

Is it feasible for me to take daily backups?

Can’t I make the system with improved security?

If you feel that your answer will be “No” for the most of the questions, then I would suggest Managed Hosting Service for you to have a seamless environment and get a better value for your money.

I hope you clearly understood the managed hosting meaning and when do you need it. Share your valuable views in the comment section, let’s discuss!

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