Why You Should Not Trust Dedicated Web Hosting Review Sites

Having your own website is very important these days. It can be used to earn money online or to promote your business. Now to host your site you need some Web Hosting Company which are in plenty today.

So, how to choose a suitable host for your site from thousands available. No worries there are many Web Hosting Review sites available for your help. But did you ever think whether these review sites are genuine?

If you Google for “Web Hosting Reviews” you will a long list of sites providing starred reviews, often arranged in ‘best on top’ pattern. But most of these review sites are not genuine. You may want to consider some potential problems with these so-called Web Hosting Review sites.

It can happen that Web Hosting Review site is owned by some Web Hosting Company itself. Obviously, the review site will place its company on the top. So, the review site is just a promotional gimmick to increase sales.

In another case, though the site is not owned by the Web Hosting Company, it may have some affection for some Hosting company. As can happen if the review site owner is a friend of the Web Hosting Company.

In the third case, which is more common, the sole purpose of Web Hosting Review Site is to earn a commission. This tactic is potentially more dangerous, as this is usually employed by Web Hosts with a bad reputation. These hosts give higher commissions to review sites and thus get higher stars in their reviews. Ultimately you are the one at losing end.

You should keep these facts in mind next time you visit any web hosting review site or else you would end up with a poor quality web hosts.

Now how to find genuine reviews then. For this, I think that none is going to write a full review for any Web Host for free without any commission. So you should not look for full reviews. Instead, you should join different Webmasters and Webhosting related forums and check out the discussions there. Better web hosts will have good feedbacks in most forums. This will definitely help you get a better host.

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