How To Add Amazon Affiliates Links On WordPress

Are you looking to add an additional revenue stream to your WordPress website?

In this article we are going to show how you can add Amazon affiliate links in your WordPress website.

What is the Amazon affiliates program?

Amazon affiliate program also known as the Amazon associate program is one of the most trusted and popular ecommerce affiliate program. In this program you earn a percentage of commission for goods sold on Amazon that were referred through your website.

As an affiliate you have access to almost all the categories of the Amazon store which provides you a huge catalogue of products that you can promote. With the trust of Amazon and traffic of yours the earning potential is high.

While you can directly create affiliate links through the Amazon affiliate dashboard. It can be time consuming and tedious. This process can be simplified by the usage of plugins from the WordPress store which will make adding affiliate links from Amazon a breeze.

We are going to use the Amazon Auto Links plugin to add affiliate links in our WordPress website.

Amazon Auto Links

This plugin is famous for making the whole process of adding amazon affiliate links very easy with minimal effort. The plugin also helps you to display up to date information of the products. Some of its features include:

  • Display products on a page by just pasting the product url in the WordPress post editor.
  • Use shortcodes to insert the amazon product ads in any part of the website.
  • Many features such as setting the product thumbnail size and cloaking the affiliate URL to prevent ad blockers from blocking it.
  • Display up to date information for your products such as their prices and descriptions.

Below are steps to add affiliate links for multiple products in a specific category on a page or post

  1. Install and activate the plugin.
  2. In your admin sidebar you will find an Amazon Auto Links menu. Navigate to Amazon Auto Links -> Add Unit by Category.
  3. Select the category and choose the other options. Save the unit once done.
  4. Now go to the Manage Units section and select the unit we created.
  5. Copy the shortcode for that unit and now you can paste it to any page or post you want to display the affiliate links in.

For a single product you can simply paste the product url into the WordPress post editor and the plugin will automatically insert an affiliate link.

You can also use widgets to display the affiliate links in WordPress.

You get two widget options

  • By Units – Here you can display the already created units.
  • Contextual Search – The plugin will automatically display products that match the content of the page.

Final Thoughts

Using a plugin for adding affiliate links to your WordPress website makes the task really easy and saves your time. With Amazon Auto Links you get various customization options which you can use to display the Amazon products according to your needs.

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