6 Best WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together Plugins for 2022

Want to sell more products?

Do you know there is an option to highlight the related products to make the customer’s browsing session more interesting and also raise the value of products on your e-store?

Yes, it is the “Frequently Bought Together” we are conveying!

Frequent buying is a powerful tool used by all types of businesses to increase the selling of products.

Adding a “Frequently Bought Together” section on your product page is an amazing way to improve sales. In fact, there are a lot of customers who buy a lot of similar stuff to the items they came to buy. Also, This has a social aspect as it gives the customers a sense of what other customers or people are buying.

But the question arises “How will you achieve the aim of increasing sales through frequent buying”?

The solution to this query lies in Frequently Bought Plugins.…!!!

In this article, we will address the 6 best WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together plugins that will help you to boost your sales in 2022.

But before we start let’s have a glimpse of what these Plugins are..!!

What is WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together Plugin?

WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together Plugins are favorably useful plugins for online businesses supporting better deals and profits via cross-selling market strategy.

The automatic Repeatedly Bought Together Section, which is technically an upsell feature, is occupied with products that are more frequently visited and purchased by other consumers. It’s even better when people buy multiple products because of the suggestions given to them. For Example, if a customer wants to buy Jeans from your e-store then the frequent buy-together section can suggest that they should purchase t-shirts along with that. 

This plugin works as a Happy Medium for both sides – Customers get the suggestions to save time and businesses get the desired sales!

Many fantastic Bought Together plugins are available in the market, So to assist you in finding a suitable one for your business, we have gathered a list of the 6 best plugins to get your dreamy business potential sales!

6 Best WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together Plugins for 2022

Mighty Frequently Bought Together 

The first plugin that reaches our mind is the Mighty Frequently Bought Together Plugin. It is a powerful plugin that lets you add a product recommendation box otherwise called the frequently bought together area to the product page which helps you to raise your sales and also enhances average order value.

The Mighty FBT plugin lets you make only relevant offers to the customer so that customers should not get irritated or troubled due to irrelevant popups and ads. Unnecessary ads can even drive customers away from buying from your e-store.

This plugin has numerous potential features that can drastically improve your sales and customer engagement.

Key Features:

  • Design With Multiple Sections 

This plugin offers you to utilize its nicely-defined multiple sections layout on your product page very effortlessly.

  • Selected Product Display

You can select what type of products you need to display in your store like up-sell, cross-sell, or any kind of tailored product.

  • Bunches Of  Discounts

You can set great discount offers for the recommended products present in bought together section and highlight them to tempt the customers.

  • Toss Everything Into The cart

This plugin offers you a built-in functionality of adding a customized button label that allows you to add single, double, or all the products in your cart.

  • Customize The Look As Per Requirements

You can fully customize the frequently bought product area with this plugin. You can change the picture size, text, and hover color. Overall, you will have complete control over your combined product section.

  • Display Positions For Recommended Products Box

The FBT plugin lets you pick where the bought together product box will be displayed on your site. Varied positions can have an eye-catching effect to fetch the customer’s attention. You can display the box below the overview of the products, above/below the product tab, or above/below the add to cart button. 

  • Control The Image Size

You can alter the size of the recommended product’s image in customer settings so that it fits with each layout of the FBT plugin.


The Mighty Frequently Bought Together plugin comes in both free and premium versions with very affordable pricing. You can have both an annual or lifetime plan.

  • Single site for $29/yearly and unlimited sites for $69/yearly
  • Single site for $89-lifetime and unlimited sites for $149-lifetime

They also offer a 14-days no-risk money-back guarantee.

YITH Woocommerce Frequently Bought Together

Another plugin that comes in the list of top-rated bought-together plugins is YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together. YITH will allow you to display a section that suggests things that are frequently purchased combined with the product that your customer is viewing, as well as effortlessly show your products to a very specialized target audience. 

You can have the advantage of the social proof method to persuade users to buy things that other customers have bought usually, hence increasing the average order value. 

Key Features:

  • Recommended Products For Upselling Strategy

Encourage users to add corresponding products and accessories to their cart. You also have the option to choose whether to promote related products, up-sells, or cross-sells automatically or also you can choose some bespoke products to create a more reliable technique.

  • Linked Products Customization

You can alter the text of the linked products. You can set diverse image sizes for the linked products. You also have the option of placing the linked products wherever you wish.

  • Text Customization

This plugin is so adaptable that you can edit all of the text displayed to the customers including the add to cart button and section title etc. 

  • Choose Display Product Quantity

With YITH, you have the option of selecting the quantity of the products to show.

  • Direct Redirection

You can also add the feature of direct redirection to the check page after adding to cart action.


The starting price of this plugin is $69.99/year with one year of regular updates and support. It also has the option of a free version with limited features.

YITH also offers you to try and have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Frequently Bought Together

Another plugin in the race is Frequently Bought Together by Premmerce. It allows you to include a section of related products on each product page so that customers can be encouraged to add more items to their carts.

This plugin allows you to create bulk upsells for every product in a category. You can easily enable and disable bundles rather than removing them from your e-store. You can assign multiple offers to single products.

Key Features:

  • Custom-Make Interface

This plugin allows you to play with the interface to attract the target audience. You are free to recreate the User Interface styles and widget titles. You can have an attractive presentation of the add-ons on the product page. 

This plugin provides you the option of two shortcodes for showing bundles which can be used for any type of post including a custom post. The feature can be applied to both simple and variable products. 

Different discount to be provided on the products is also flexible. You can define a percentage discount for every product or the same discount for the whole bundle depending on the needs of the situation.

  • Variety Of Bundles

This option is the base of this plugin differentiation. It implies that there are no restrictions on what you can recommend,  and you can try out different options and tailor them to different target audiences. This also makes upselling and cross-selling possible. 

  • Effortless Administration

Bundle offers can be managed in two ways: one is to do from the separate plugin page where you can create, delete and amend upsells and bundles or you can add, remove or manage special offers for a specific product from the product page. 

You can disable or activate bundles without totally eliminating them from the e-store. This provides more room for trial and error. 


You can get this plugin at a price of $49 (billed annually) with a 30-day money-back guarantee option. It also provides you with 1-year support and extension updates at this price.

WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together

Another plugin we are going to discuss here is WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together. It can help you to drive your sales by automatically displaying suggested Frequently Bought Together cross-sell items. Bought Together items are assigned automatically when the customer adds their favorite items to the cart. 

Backend statistics for each product in a WooCommerce online store may be viewed by online store managers or administrators. They can use this data to check manual bought together product statuses.

Key Features:

  • Display On Product Pages or Cart Pages

You can show frequently bought or recommended products on single product pages as sliders or simply in rows/columns.

Similarly, you can display recommended products on the cart page as sliders or in rows/columns.

  • Recommended Products Assignments

It’s up to you how frequently bought together products should be assigned. Here are the modes to do this:

  • You can allocate products manually
  • You can assign automatically as per cart updates
  • You can assign automatically as per purchases
  • Customize The All

You can tailor-make the texts, the products to be displayed and the display styles, etc.

It even equips you with a type of layouts and spacing controls.


This plugin can be yours only at a price of $29 including 6 months of support and updations from welaunch. You can also extend support up to 12 months into this plugin just by paying $9 additionally.

Bought Together For WooCommerce

If you have just basic requirements for recommended products section then Bought Together For WooCommerce is a good choice for you. You can make a customized choice of product bunch based on the customer’s past choices and purchases. With just a click, customers can add all the products in the cart at once or some selected ones as per requirement. 

Adding multiple products at once in the cart can boost your sales and also increases customer engagement and also make it effective and customer friendly.

Key Features:

  • Layout Formatting

You can easily configure the layout of the Together bought product section for each item in a row or the whole table.

  • Numerous Recommendations

You can configure countless recommended products for each added-to-cart item.

  • Adaptable Modifications

You can effortlessly add the title of the bought together product section and also configure Add To Cart button and widget placement.

  • On/Off Recommended Feature

You can enable or disable the Concurrently Bought Product Feature in just a click effortlessly.


You can avail of this plugin at a price of $29 (Billed Annually) with one-year extension updates and support by WP1. To avoid risk, you can take advantage of their 30-day money-back guarantee plan.

WPC Frequently Bought Together

Every business’ success depends on customer happiness directly or indirectly, this plugin understands this very well. WPC Frequently Bought Together offers you this happiness by assisting you in having a highly effective online business. You can make so much profit by using its cross-selling approach. To display it highlighted offers as suggestions are given to you at the bottom of the Single product description page.

Key Features:

  • Bargain Price Setting

You can effortlessly set the discount price just by entering a percentage or an amount. You can use drag and drop just to rearrange the order of the products. 

  • Advanced Search Option

You can use Ajax advanced search by SKU, a phrase or sentence, or just by writing the title.

  •  Various Adjustments

You can adjust primary product price, visibility, and position very easily. You can use various selector interfaces like default WPC variations radio buttons. You can also display or hide the product prices and short descriptions. 

  • Upsell Products As Default

When nothing is chosen, set upsell/related products as default products.


You can avail this plugin’s freemium version for Free Free Free…Yes, you heard it right…!!!!

Conclusion- Which Plugin Should You Choose?

All the mentioned plugins have great effectiveness and potential to take your business to heights. Suggesting products that are frequently purchased is an excellent marketing technique. People always require related stuff obviously, So using these plugins increases visibility and product awareness. 

Even After that if you want our one of the top recommendations, then go for the Mighty Frequently Bought Together plugin with all the desired features. This is just a suggestion.

You are not bound to choose as per others’ choices. Your needs will be the basis for choosing the one…!!!!


About the Author:

Naveen is the marketing and product head at JoomDev. He is working with JoomDev, a leading web, iOS, and Android app development company. He loves to convert his ideas into reality by developing products to make your online business success with his WordPress plugins and mobile app development services. 

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