How To Change Fonts In WordPress

Sometimes the default font of your theme might be too simple for the design of your website or you might be looking to change your font into something better that matches with your branding. This article will guide you on how to change fonts in WordPress easily.

Changing the font using a plugin

Changing font on your WordPress website using a font plugin is the best and easiest way to do it. We should always avoid changing any theme files directly and plugin is the only option to do it without messing with the themes code.

Easy Google Fonts

When it comes to fonts, Google has one of the most used and popular fonts library. Easy Google Fonts plugin allows you to easily change fonts on your website and choose from one of the 600+ fonts on the Google fonts library. It also allows you to see how the font will look in real time before saving any changes.

Use Any Font

While Google fonts has almost every kind of font you will require, sometimes you might find something different and want to use it on your website. This is where Use Any Font plugin helps you. Using it you can add any font to your WordPress website.

Since this plugin integrates with the editor, one of the pros include the ability to change fonts of specific texts. This allows you to change fonts right from the editor without having to change the font globally. It supports fonts in the format of ttf,otf and woff.

Changing font from the Admin dashboard

Navigate to Appearance -> Theme editor. Now open the styles.css file.

You can simply place the below line of code in the styles.css file.

* {font-family:”Font Name”}

The font should be applied globally on your website now.

You can also change the font for specific tags such as h1 or p by replacing the * with the respective html tag.

Note: Changing the theme files directly is always advised to be avoided.


You should now be able to change fonts on your WordPress website. Although caution should be taken when changing the font directly in the theme files. The above article covers changing the font using plugin which is the easier and safer method as well as changing using the WordPress Theme editor.

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