Divi Theme: Review, Pricing and Examples [2020 Guide]

WordPress is a very popular software used by many organizations. It is content management software (CMS) where you can download WordPress easily for free and start building your customized website. Installing the software takes a few minutes and it is extremely user-friendly.

Online stores depend heavily on websites and WordPress is the perfect platform to reach out to your customers. You can also post blogs on WordPress. Influencers, photographers, industries, and travelers use WordPress to upload blogs and photographs. You can update your content on WordPress. The software helps you build unique websites and blogs for yourself to suit your requirements.

Divi Theme Templates

WordPress offers several themes. You can pick anyone one of them to design and build your website. Divi is one such theme provided by WordPress. It is the leading WordPress theme in the world and its advanced technology will assist you in building a unique website that will attract many customers.

Divi theme for WordPress is, however, not just a theme. Its functions extend beyond that of a theme. It replaces the traditional post editor in WordPress with a modified and efficient visual editor. The technology is designed to help you build a better website with amazing designs.

Divi theme can be used by professionals, experts, and newcomers as it is very easy to comprehend. It guides and assists you with updating your website or creating a new one. The WordPress theme will completely change and renovate your website. It is designed to make your experience of using WordPress better and less cumbersome. Divi is a WordPress theme that is widely used all across the globe. It has gained immense popularity as soon as it launched.

A question that may have crossed your mind is how much is Divi theme? Divi theme will cost you 89 USD for a year. Along with the Divi theme, you will be purchasing some other themes too when you pay 89 USD.

If you think $89 is too much for testing Divi then I can Install a Divi license for $10 per year.

How Divi Builders Work

Divi theme is a powerful tool that can be used to build a website in WordPress. The main reason why the Divi theme is so famous and widely used is that it possesses a visual builder. The Divi theme builder plugin can be used to build any type of website for any content that you wish to upload. There are two categories of the Divi builder.

First is the more traditional backend builder and the other is the visual builder. With the back end builder, you can make swift changes within the dashboard. It is an alternative for the usual post editor in WordPress.

The visual builder is the all-new feature that the Divi theme offers. The visual builder uses the front end. You can build your pages on the front end of your website with the visual builder. You can adjust content and change settings within the visual builder and it will be reflected immediately. You can use it to change the font or the style of your text; you can even highlight words with the help of the builder.

Some Divi Theme Examples

Different themes work in different ways. The same theme may look different on different websites as they adapt themselves to the changes in the websites. If you have been planning to use the Divi Builder to create or customize your website, seeing some examples of Divi themes will give you an idea of how the themes work. This will help your picture your website using the Divi theme. Some of the examples of Divi theme are:

Fern Colab

Fern colab is an agency that produces digital designs. They know how designs work and can make a website look spectacular. The main idea was minimalism. They have used the Divi theme to produce the perfect website that focuses on minimalism and spatial adjustments.

Chasing Mumford

Mumford and Sons have designed an extraordinary website for themselves using the Divi theme. While putting the elements together they focused on a dark color palette. Using dark colors gives the site a new dimension. They have styled the website in a very simple and uncomplicated way using colors from the darker side of the spectrum.


The website uses vibrant colors to draw the attention of viewers. The color scheme is flamboyant and vibrant and the site uses visuals to make the experience more exciting.

These are some different kinds of websites that use the Divi theme to create their vibe about the site. Each of these designs is unique and suitable for the respective websites.

Divi Theme Layouts

You will find several Divi theme layouts while using the Divi theme. Layouts are designed to suit your specific needs. Using different layout will help make your page more interesting and attractive. The theme offers layouts under different categories.

You can pick and choose whichever you like and feel is suitable for your page. You can find the layout packs within the builder. You can import whichever layout you like onto your page.


Divi is one of the most commonly used and popular themes on WordPress. You can build any kind of website with the help of the Divi theme. It is much more than just a theme as it provides many options that are necessary to build a website.


The theme has exciting new features like the visual builder that is designed to make your work easier. It is an advanced theme that will assist you while creating or customizing a website. The Divi theme is the brand new feature on WordPress.

How to Download the Divi Theme?

To download the Divi theme you will need to visit the Elegant Times website. Elegant times have developed the theme. You will need to log in or sign up on the Elegant Times website. Once it is done, look for Divi download on the menu.

Once you have downloaded the theme head over to your downloads section on your computer. You will find the downloaded theme in the form of a zip file. When this has been done, log in to your WordPress account and click on the Appearance option, go other to themes and change it to Divi. Now your WordPress is all ready and you are all set to use the brand new Divi theme.

Divi Demos

You will find many sites on the internet that will show you how the layouts look. Some of them even offer Divi theme demo version that will help you to picture your website with the Divi theme.

There are layouts under different categories. You may want to use a minimalist design, a colorful one, something in monotone, or any other style that may appeal to you. Divi is the perfect tool to help you build the website of your dreams.

Does Divi Theme Support WooCommerce?

Divi theme will make your WordPress experienced easier. It is an advanced theme and is compatible with a different plugin. Divi does support woo-commerce and you will find the option in the dashboard once you have set up the Divi theme.

Divi theme allows you to adjust and customize your woo-commerce settings so that you can change it to whatever you like. The Divi plugin is extremely helpful with its brand new features. You can build any kind of website and any number of websites with the help of the Divi theme.

How Much Does Divi Builder Cost?

The Elegant Times website allows you to use the builder for a limited amount of time for free. It offers you a demo, and you will have limited access to the builder and can use Divi builder for free for the demo period only.

If you wish to install it for longer, you will need to pay 89 USD for a year, and for lifetime access the cost is 249 USD. Along with purchasing the Divi theme, you will be purchasing some other themes as well.

If you think $89 is too much for you, I can Install a DIVI license for just $10 per year.

Why Do You Need the Divi Theme?

The Divi theme will completely change your website on WordPress. It has exciting new features that will help you build any website. The visual builder is a game-changer. The builder will let you build any part of your website. Therefore, you will be in total control of how your website looks.

Divi also has a split-testing tool that will help you optimize your content so that you can reach all your customers. Divi allows you to make your headers and footers. You can design every part of your page with the Divi theme.

WooCommerce is an important part of WordPress. The Divi is programmed to support Woocommerce. So you do not have to worry about using other plugins while using Divi. You can create stunning and beautiful pages with the help of Divi. Your content and products will enjoy all the attention as the Divi theme is designed to make your page interesting.

With Divi, you can make as many websites as you want and design then separately. The theme is extremely easy to use. If you are just getting started with WordPress, it can be a tad bit complicated, but the Divi builder is designed to assist you and make your website unique.

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