How To Edit WordPress Footer

Are you looking to edit the footer of your WordPress website?

In this article, we will show how you can edit the footer of your WordPress website.

What is a footer in WordPress?

Footer is the bottom section of a website that usually appears after the content section. This section has information about your website and branding, links to various parts of your website and normally a way to contact you.

There are many ways to edit the footer in WordPress. Some of them are shared below.

Editing the Theme’s Footer file

Visit Appearance -> Theme Editor from your admin dashboard.

Click on the file named Theme Footer or footer.php from the list of theme files.

You can now edit the footer file and change it’s code. Remember to save the file after making the changes.

You can also edit the footer.php file another way.

Using a FTP client navigate to wp-content/themes/your-theme-folder/. 

Locate the footer.php and open it.

You can now make changes to the file. The changes will reflect on your website once you save and upload the file.

Editing the footer using the WordPress Customizer

If your theme has added the functionality to edit it using the WordPress Customizer then you can use this method to edit your theme’s footer.

Visit Appearance -> Customize from your admin dashboard.

Expand the Footer Settings option.

Depending on how many setting options the theme provides you will be able to edit the footer of your website.

Editing the widgets in your Footer

If your theme has widget areas for the footer then you can also add various widgets to the footer.

Visit Appearance -> Widgets from your admin dashboard.

On the right hand side you will find the various widget areas provided by your theme. Find the ones that refer to the footer section.

You can use widgets such as text, images and gallery to customize the look of your footer.

To add a widget to your footer, drag and drop them on the appropriate footer area.

Adding Menus to your footer using widgets

You can also add menus to the footer area with the help of widgets. Follow the below steps to add menus to your footer.

Visit Appearance -> Menus from your admin dashboard.

Click on the create a new menu option on the top.

In the Menu Name text field enter the menu name. You can call it anything we will name it Footer Menu and then click on the Create Menu button.

You can now add the various links you want in the menus such as Home, Contact, About, etc.

Once done click on the Save Menu button.

Now visit Appearance -> Widgets.

Drag and drop the Navigation Menu widget in the Footer area.

In the Select Menu drop down select the Footer Menu that we created earlier.

Click on the Save button.

The menus are now added to the footer area.


If you want a way to edit the footer area without touching the code then WordPress Customizer is the best option.

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