How to Fix WordPress Keeps Logging Out Problem

Every so often, most WordPress sites experience an issue with logging into the site. Their website suddenly starts kicking them and their users out, logging them out without their prompting. This may be caused by bad programming or an error in WordPress. There are several ways to fix this issue.

What causes this error?

One common error that causes logging out is when the WordPress site sets cookies incorrectly. Cookies are files on your computer which keep track of how many times you’ve logged into a website and how long you’ve been there. If they’re not set correctly, then after some time (for example, if it’s set to expire after 30 minutes) they will disappear, making the WordPress site think you’re a new user and log you out immediately.

This error could also be caused by bad programming. It may be that your site has experienced some changes recently, and something in the software is not working properly which contributes to this error.

If the issue is not related to bad programming or cookies, but instead due to something like a plugin conflicting with another one or some other error (such as an insecure HTTPS connection), then you may want to consult with technical support or hire a professional to find the source of these errors.

How can I fix this error on my site?

If you decide to fix the WordPress keeps logging out error on your own rather than hiring a professional, you’ll need a guide. This section of this article walks you through the troubleshooting process for this error.

The first step in troubleshooting and fixing this error is by using a plugin that fixes WordPress cookies, such as WP Cookie Fix. Simply log in, install, and activate it from the WordPress Plugin Admin page under “Add New Plugins”. It automatically runs through your site’s cookie settings to fix them so that they’re not causing problems. When the installation and activation are finished, you should run through the setup process and follow the prompts so that it can begin its work. When it’s done, reload your site to see if the error still occurs.

The next step, if the first didn’t work, is to disable all plugins and perform a fresh install. This means you need to back up your site using the backup method most convenient to you. Then deactivate all plugins in the plugin admin page, delete each one from your website (not the WordPress plugin folder on your computer), then upload your downloaded backup file back onto the website. After this, log in under an administrator account (if you use multiple accounts) and activate only the WordPress default “Hello Dolly” Plugin. You won’t be using or re-activating any other plugins yet; leave them disabled for now while testing how well the site works without them.

If your site stops logging users out, then you know there was something wrong with one of the disabled plugins. You can then try re-activating each plugin one after the other, testing how the site works after enabling each one to pin down which plugin is causing the problem. After you’ve located the culprit, go ahead and delete it, as well as all the plugins that aren’t needed on your site; this could speed up your site and prevent future errors.


Hopefully, this article was useful to you, helping you get rid of the continuous logging out issue on WordPress.

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