How to Fix WordPress Login Redirect Loop

Being stuck on the login page is frustrating. It can feel like you’re so close to the information you need or the engagement with your visitors, but you keep being turned back at the gate. The WordPress login redirect loop error is common among WordPress sites. But once you know how to fix it, it is not such a bother anymore. This article aims to help you get to that point.

I know the feeling all too well: I start getting emails from my clients complaining about how they can’t get into the site. I try to use my admin login, but that doesn’t work either. It is similar to what happens when you forget your password, but without the customary error message that says the password was wrong.

If you are facing this same problem on your site, here’s how to fix your WordPress login redirect loop issue.

WordPress Plugins

The troubleshooting process starts with plugins. WordPress plugins are often the culprit when it comes to errors anywhere on a WordPress site. You should turn each plug-in off one by one until you find the one responsible for the error. Now, delete that one and reinstall the latest version. If it still causes the login redirect loop error, reach out to the plugin support to check for possible compatibility issues. The best way to avoid this happening is to keep all plugins on your site up to date.

Browser Cache

If you’ve gone through all the installed plugins without recovering your site, no need to worry! There’s another step to the process of recovering your site from the WordPress login redirect loop: Clear your browser cookies. Cookies are files stored by a website on your computer to, for example, store information about you or enable logins without passwords.

If you are being continuously redirected to the login page when trying to access your blog, it means that either your web browser cache is too old or your internet settings aren’t set up correctly. Before long, an error message should pop up on your browser window explaining the issue. First, log in to your website’s WordPress dashboard by adding /wp-admin to the URL of your homepage.

A cookie error is understandably tough on WordPress, so here’s how you can rectify this: First, access your WordPress settings, then click on General. Look for the option that toggles cookies and click disabled. You can then reload the site with them disabled or delete the cookies to try again. If you still have the login issue, you may need to contact either your hosting service provider or WordPress support for further assistance.


For the most popular Content Management System on the internet, WordPress can be very frustrating. Luckily though, that frustration is offset by the presence of a robust user base that is filled with experienced website administrators who are always ready to lend a helping hand.

Newbies to WordPress can also gain lots of experience by reading blog posts like this one that aims to help them with their problems. I hope that this article was able to solve your problem for you, leaving your WordPress site error-free.

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