15 Best Plugins for Gutenberg(Block Editor)

So now you have finally switched to Gutenberg Block Editor and wanna take full advantage of it? Wanna improve your WordPress website and your performance or just wanna unlock more possible aspects of the new editor. Well, in this article we have shared some of the best Gutenberg Block Editor plugins available right now.

All of these plugins are specially handpicked for getting the most out of Gutenberg Block Editor. You’ll gonna love every single one of them, they are super useful and unlocks a lot more possibilities for your Block Editor. These plugins will enhance and improve Block Editor. We will also be sharing some bonuses at the end of the article so stay tuned for that.

0. Gutenberg

Gutenberg Plugin

If you are maybe wondering why our list is started with zero, then let me tell you that this list can’t be possible without Gutenberg Block Editor. I know Gutenberg is now default and comes with Gutenberg pre-installed but the Gutenberg plugin is still available and it offers upcoming features of Gutenberg for public beta testing purposes.

I highly recommend using this plugin if not on the main site then on the staging site to be aware of what’s coming in the future. You can also use this plugin and recommend changes to the WordPress dev team so they can build a better plugin for yourself and the WordPress community.

1. Gutenberg Template Library


First Plugin in our list Gutenberg Template Library & Redux Framework plugin. By far this is one of the best plugins that you need to try. This plugin offers you 1000+ prebuild Gutenberg blocks and templates to use on your site. This library is growing rapidly and more new blocks and templates are being added regularly.

If you want to save time while site-building or try more unique-looking designs or simply need some inspiration for your site design, this plugin is the one-stop solution for that. You can preview blocks and edit them as you want. Blocks are properly categorized and you can search blocks as per your need. This plugin is supported by most of the major themes and plugins so you can take full advantage of it.

2. Advanced Editor Tools (previously TinyMCE Advanced)

I’ll be lying if I say I don’t like the old classic editor even if it’s boring looks and lacking features it was still the easiest to use and straightforward and people still love it a lot. The Advanced Editor Tools (previously known as TinyMCE Advanced) plugin is exactly for those people. You can use most of the classic editor features while using block editor.

This plugin is also best for your clients who still don’t know how to use Block Editor or for your editors who like a plain old editor. The plugin is developed by WordPress parent company Automattic.

3. Disable Gutenberg Blocks

Disable Gutenberg Blocks is also a very useful plugin, this plugin will let you disable individual blocks for your Gutenberg Block Editor. The number of blocks in Block Editor is growing very rapidly and for a nontech person, they can be confusing. This plugin is best for clients who don’t know about WordPress much.

4. Stackable

Stackable is one of the best designing plugins on our entire list. If you are a web designer you’re going to fall in love with this plugin, this plugin is specially designed for creating beautiful and amazing-looking designs. This plugin is optimized very well and it loads very fast.

It offers 27 different unique blocks for creating modern blocks. It also offers some ready-made designs and UI kits and it also offers a role manager so you can enable and disable this plugin for certain user roles.

5. Genesis Blocks

Genesis Blocks is also a very useful and amazing plugin. It offers 15 new blocks, 4 pre-built full-page-layouts, 8 pre-built sections, AMP optimized in the free version, and in the premium version, it unlocks more new options. One thing to note is that Genesis Blocks is actually Atomic Blocks which is one of the very popular blocks for Gutenberg later it gets migrated into Genesis Blocks.

6. Gutenberg Blocks

Gutenberg Blocks – Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg is also one of the most useful and amazing plugins. This plugin offers several different blocks and it can convert your Gutenberg Block Editor into a page builder. It unlocks amazing new possibilities for your website.

7. EditorsKit

Gutenberg Block Editor Toolkit – EditorsKit is a very great plugin especially for editors. This plugin unlocks many texts formatting options for your post/page. One of the features that I personally very like about this new block is heading shortcuts. In the new Block Editor heading shortcuts are missing and for an editor like me it’s very annoying, this plugin provides you shortcuts to change the heading.

8. Genesis Custom Blocks

Genesis Custom Block plugin is another very useful plugin especially if you are a developer. If you want to create your own custom blocks with code this plugin will let you do so. This plugin has certain tools and features designed for making custom blocks very easy to use.

This plugin is earlier known by the name BlocksLab later released the newer and better version as Genesis Custom Blocks. Just to be clear Genesis Blocks plugin we mentioned above is a different plugin than this one.

9. CoBlocks

CoBlocks is also a wonderful plugin made by GoDaddy, this plugin has many different useful blocks that refine your page-building experience. One great feature about this plugin is the option to adjust margin and spacing for its blocks which is missing from the Gutenberg Block Editor. With this plugin, you can refine every tiny bit of your block for a perfect design.

1o. Meow Gallery

Meow Gallery plugin is one of the best gallery plugins on WordPress and if you use a lot of images on your website then this plugin is a must-have for you. This plugin is very responsive, retina-friendly, has modern layouts, is blazing fast and tightly optimized.

11. GetWid

GetWid plugin gets popular in a very short amount of time this plugin provides both static and dynamic blocks with a lot of configuration settings. The main reason behind this plugin’s popularity is it offers many blocks that are only available as premium options in other plugins. This plugin also offers some very unique blocks that can be very helpful.

12. PostX

If you are a blog writer or news or magazine website owner you’ll gonna love the PostX plugin. This plugin is tailored specially for magazines and Blog websites. PostX has a lot of useful blocks, including some special blocks for magazines. One of the most unique features of this plugin is the grid layout that can be handy for making a grid layout on your website.

13. Gutentor

Gutentor is also a very useful and super powerful plugin. This plugin can make Block Editor a page builder, it offers a lot of blocks to take full advantage of block-based editing. One thing I like most about this plugin is it is very fast and designed for making your website faster. This plugin creates a single minified CSS for blocks and never loads any unnecessary scripts or styling which makes it faster.

14. Otter

Gutenberg Blocks and Template Library by Otter plugin is a very useful plugin, this plugin not just offers extra blocks but an amazing and very wide template gallery where you can choose different templates for your post/page and customize them with block editor. One of the best features of this plugin is the ability to use custom CSS for every single block.

15. CodeMirror Blocks

CodeMirror Blocks is another very useful plugin especially if you write a lot of content on programming. This plugin offers only one single Gutenberg Block but that block can be used for embedding 100+ different types of programming languages in your post. With syntax highlighting and a lot more.

Bonus – more than plugins

Surely above plugins are best but it is also true that Gutenberg is just recently started being adapted in masses and there is a long way ahead. Many new plugins and blocks are being added regularly, that’s why we wanted to share some resources with you that can be very helpful for finding new blocks and plugins for your Gutenberg Block Editor.

  • Gutenberg Hub: The first resource is Gutenberg Hub, here you can find a lot of free Blocks, Templates, and Patterns for Gutenberg Block Editor.
  • Editor Blocks Library: This website has a library that will let you find blocks individually, finding a certain block in plugins is hard and almost impossible this library is trying to solve this issue.


So these are the top best plugin for Gutenberg Block Editor, hope these plugins will increase your productivity and let me you make an even better website. There are a lot of more great plugins out there and more will come in the future. If you have any favorites of your own do share those plugins with us too in the comments below.

Also, we have been writing a lot about Gutenberg Block Editor, and if you wanna learn it or wanna stay updated on all the upcoming features of it make sure to check our other articles on Gutenberg Block Editor.

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