How to setup WooCommerce table rate shipping for free

The shipping method in WooCommerce has some pretty big limitations about shipping rates. You can only set flat rates or free shipping or local pickup no dynamic options are available and that’s a big issue. Because you may need to charge a shipping rate based on the amount or on the weight of the product.

In this tutorial, we are about to learn how we can set table rate shipping for our WooCommerce product. We will be going to use a free plugin for this, it did not cover all the requirements for everyone but it completes the basic need and if you want more options you can surely upgrade to a paid plan or another paid plugin.

table rate plugin

The plugin we are going to use in this tutorial is Table Rate for WooCommerce by Flexible Shipping plugin. Installation of this plugin is as usual as any other, go to Plugins>Add New and search for “Table rate for WooCommerce” you’ll see this plugin install and activate it.

Setup table rate

Now to set up the table rate for your product you need to go into your WooCommerce>Settings>Shipping and from there you can set up the table rate.

From shipping, zones select your shipping location where you want to set table shipping rates. Click on Add shipping method now along with defaults you see a new option Flexible shipping select that option and click on Add shipping method button.

Now you get some General settings such as name, description along with either shipping cost is taxable or not.

You also get the Free shipping option to set a minimum amount to get free shipping, you can also set a different label for the free shipping option.

After that, you get Cost calculation options in which you can set rules of calculation and you want shipping charges on a cart or on the package.

The last option is Advance Options, in this option you can select if you want to show shipping to only logged-in users, and set this shipping method as the default shipping method, and use the plugin in debug mode for finding bugs.

With the above options, your basic settings are set. Now we’ll set the conditions or say table pricing on the product.


Now at the bottom of this page, you’ll see the conditions option click on Add rule, to add the rule for shipping.

Now choose when you want the rule to be applied, you can select always, price, or weight.

If you select always you won’t get any limitation option cause it is like a default amount, but when you select price or weight you get the option to set range. And you can set any range and based on that range price. And you can also put multiple conditions to stack them with each other.

For example, we have selected the price and for $0 to $100 shipping cost will be $5, and for $101 to $300 shipping cost will be $8, and for $301 to $1000 shipping cost will be $10. Click on Save Changes to save your settings.

Now if the user cart value met any of these conditions based on it shipping cost will be charged from users.

Similarly, you can also choose the weight and weight range to charge shipping cost based on the weight of the product but keep in mind to make this work you must add weight property while adding your product so it can calculate its weight.

In the paid premium version of this plugin, you get a lot more options as shipping classes support, product count-based costs stopping, canceling a rule, additional calculation method, and so on.

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