How To Duplicate A Page Or Post

Do you want to duplicate a page or post in WordPress without having to copy and paste everything from the content to the page structure?

WordPress makes it fairly simple to duplicate a page or post.

There can be many reasons why one would want to duplicate something. For example, a sales page can be reused for different products with just the need to change a few words. You can achieve this using the basic method of copying and pasting. But this will be tedious and apart from the content you will also have to copy everything from images to the page design.

Why go through so much trouble when WordPress and its plugins allow you to duplicate a page or post easily.

Now there are many ways to enable duplicating a page or post on your website. But we are going to talk about one plugin which will get the job done.

Below are steps to duplicate a page or post:

First you will have to install the Yoast Duplicate Post plugin.

Once the plugin is installed and you have activated it. Visit the Posts -> All Posts section from your admin dashboard for duplicating a post.

If you hover over the post you want to duplicate, you will see two new options that weren’t there previously. The Clone and New Draft buttons.


If you want to duplicate the post without it being opened in an editor. Then this option needs to be clicked. Clicking it will lead to a new post being created with the same content and structure as the previous one.

New Draft

If you want to create a duplicate post and want it opened in an editor then click on the new draft option. This will lead to the post being duplicated and opened in an editor where you can further edit the post.

The process is the same for duplicating pages too.

Just visit Pages -> All Pages and follow the above steps.

You should now be able to duplicate any post or page from your website easily. Posts and pages can also be duplicated in bulk by selecting them all at once.

Tweaking the Duplication Settings

The Duplicate Post plugin also comes with a huge array of setting options. You can select the options you want copied from a post or page. For example if you want just the content to be copied or if you want the comments to be copied too. It also allows duplicating custom post types.

Visit Settings -> Duplicate Post and you can play around with all the different setting options it has to offer.

This plugin should be enough for all your duplication needs. With 3+ million active installations and constant updates this is the best plugin for the job.

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