How To Embed Google Maps In WordPress?

Embedding Google Maps can be very helpful in letting your website visitors find the address of your office or store.

The use case is not just limited to showing your address but you can also embed various spots in your maps that your users can check out such as restaurants, public parks, etc.

Google Maps can be embedded in your WordPress website in many ways. We are going to share how you can embed the maps with the help of a plugin as well as without a plugin.

Embedding Google Maps without using a plugin

To embed the map without a plugin you can use the Google Maps embed code. Follow the below steps to embed the maps in your website.

  1. Visit the Google Maps website and enter your location in it.
  2. Once your location is loaded, click on the Share button.
  3. Select the Embed map tab.
  4. Copy the Embed Code.
  5. Now edit the page, post or template where you want to add the map. Paste the copied embed code in the editor.
  6. Once done, save the page/post/template and the map will be live on your website.

Embedding Google Maps using a plugin

The above method is fine if you are going to be embedding one or two maps in your website. If your website is going to need to embed maps frequently then using a plugin might be the best option.


Before being able to use a plugin you will need to get the Google Maps Api key from your Google account.

Follow the below steps to embed Google Maps using a plugin

  1. Install and Activate the MapPress Maps for WordPress plugin.
  2. Visit the MapPress settings page and enter the Google Maps Api key that you created earlier. Click on the Save Changes button.
  3. Now edit the page or post you want to add the map to.
  4. You will find a new MapPress section below the WordPress post editor. Click on the New Map button.
  5. Enter the title and a location and click the Save button.
  6. If the location is correctly detected then you can click on the Insert into Post button.
  7. Once done, update or publish the post or page.

You can also configure the various settings for the maps from the MapPress settings menu that gets added in the admin sidebar.


Depending on your requirements you can either embed the Google Maps using a plugin or without one. If you are only going to be adding one or two maps then it’s best to avoid a plugin and directly get the embed code from the Google Maps website.

Sharing your location through Google Maps on your website can make it very easy for potential clients to navigate to your location.

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