How To Remove Proudly Powered By WordPress

Not everyone is comfortable with the proudly powered by WordPress branding at the bottom of their WordPress websites. In this article we are going to share the various ways to remove or hide the proudly powered by WordPress footer.

Is removing the powered by WordPress text legal?

Yes it is legal to remove the powered by WordPress text from your websites. WordPress is a completely free CMS which is released under the GPL license. This allows you to modify the CMS in any way you want including removing the powered by text.

Using the WordPress Customizer

Depending on the theme this method may or may not work. But if your theme provides the option to edit the footer copyright text then this is the best method.

  1. Visit Appearance -> Customize from your admin dashboard.
  2. Expand the Footer option and check for the footer bar copyright text field.
  3. You can either edit the copyright text to match your brand or delete it altogether.
  4. Publish the changes once done.

Using the Theme Editor

With the help of WordPress theme editor you can remove the powered by text block. You might require some technical knowledge for this method.

  1. Visit Appearance -> Editor from your admin dashboard.
  2. Select the Theme Footer(footer.php) from the list of Theme Files.
  3. Depending on your theme you will need to find the div block which refers to the powered by text and delete it.
  4. Save the changes once done.

It is best to use a child theme for making such changes.

Final Thoughts

There is another method to hide the powered by text using CSS. But it is highly recommended to avoid this method as it can negatively affect your search engine rankings. If you are comfortable with editing the code then you can use the Theme Editor to remove the powered by text otherwise the Theme Customizer can be used.

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