How to Setup One Page Checkout in WooCommerce for free

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how we can make a one page checkout page so the user can buy products easily and quickly. And the best part is, it is completely free.

Any WooCommerce or online store checkout page is one of the most vital pages for the website, it can directly impact a user’s overall experience of buying a product. The easier and smaller the checkout process is higher the chances of conversion on the website.

According to research, nearly 70% of customers abandon their cart, and 21% do that cause of long and complicated checkout pages.  And that number is enough to know why it is so important to have the best checkout page.

We are going to use this plugin, with this plugin we can directly skip the cart and get redirected to the one page checkout page, and from the checkout page, users can modify their cart.


one page checkout

Installation of this plugin is similar to any other plugin, just go to plugin store and search for “one page checkout” you see the plugin shown in the image above install, and activate it. If you are having trouble with the installation of this plugin you can follow this tutorial to learn how to install a plugin.

Setup one-page checkout

Now once the plugin is activated let’s know how we can do the basic setup of this plugin. After the activation, you will see a new option in your WordPress dashboard sidebar Checkout Layouts. Click on it and you will see the setting page of the plugin.

1. Layout setting

  1. The first option will be Checkout Layouts. In that section, you can change the layout of the checkout page, for free you get three options.
    • 3 column layout
    • 2 column layout
    • Cart + Checkout layout
  1. The next option is to Skip cart page and you should check yes because that will redirect the user directly to the checkout, not to the cart.
  2. The next option is Non Changeable Qty with this option you can restrict users from changing the quantity of product on the checkout page.
2. Style setting

The second option you get is to change the colors of the layout page so you can customize it according to your website theme.

3. Text setting

The third option is to change the text of fields on your checkout page. You can rename some commonly used checkout page strings as per your need.


With this plugin, you can surely make your user checkout experience smoother and faster for free, but as always you can opt for the paid option to get more premium things such as custom layouts, manual HTML and CSS, and much more.

Meanwhile, if you face any issues while following this tutorial please let me know in the comment below. Also if you know about some better way of doing this let me know about it in the comments too.

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