How To Set Up WooCommerce Product Addons

Many times you may sell products that require additional input from your customers. These could be anything from requesting extra toppings on their pizzas to getting a text input for any customization’s.

In this article we are going to share how you can set up WooCommerce product addons with the help of Product Addons for WooCommerce plugin.

What are WooCommerce Product Addons?

Product addons are field types that let you take extra input from your customers for a product. These fields could be checkboxes, radio buttons, text or number fields, select fields and many more. The addons for a product can come at a price or be free depending on your needs.

Steps to set up WooCommerce Product Addons

  1. Install and activate the Product Addons for Woocommerce plugin.
  2. Visit Settings -> Custom Product Addons from your admin dashboard.
  3. Here you can select various options to configure the product addon settings.
    Tick the checkboxes according to your requirements and click on the Save Changes button.
  4. Visit Products -> Custom Product Addons from your admin dashboard to create new product addons form. These forms will be added to your products for addons.
  5. Click on the Add New Form button at the top.
  6. Add the title for the form in the Add title field. You can now add fields to the form depending on what you want. We are going to create a pizza toppings addon. We are going to use a Radio Group for it.
  7. In the Build your form box select Radio Group from the right hand side. A Radio Group will now be added to the box.
  8. Click on the edit icon of the Radio Group. You can now configure your settings and add the option names in the Options box.
  9. You can add more fields to the Build your form box depending on your needs. Once done click on the Publish button.
  10. You will now need to add the product addons form to your products.
  11. You can either do it to specific products or apply an addon form for all the products.We will first show how to add an addon form to a single product.Edit the product you want to add the addon form to.
    Scroll down to the Product data box. Select Custom Product Options tab.
    You will find the Toppings form we created. Select it.

    Now click on the Update button for the product.
    The product addon form is now added to the product.

    Adding a product addon form for all the products of the store
    Edit the product addon form that we created earlier.
    On the right hand side under Product categories select all the category products you want the addon form to be added to.
    Once done, click on the Update button

  12. Hurray! You can now add product addons to any product on your store.

This is how the product addon form will look for the products.

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