How To Connect Pinterest To WordPress

As a website owner, you cannot ignore the growing necessity of integrating social media websites and other platforms with your website. Pinterest is one such image sharing platform that can give a huge boost to your website in terms of traffic and revenue.

Importance of integrating Pinterest in your WordPress website

Pinterest is one of the most popular image sharing websites on the internet today. It enables others to discover new content in the form of images through pins. Connecting Pinterest to your website will help drive new traffic and open new revenue channels for your website.


Pinterest provides many different ways to share content on its platform. A user can pin an image he likes on the internet by copying the image url and pinning it on the Pinterest website. There is another way which you as a website owner can help the users in sharing your content in a much better way. We are going to share the method below.

You can completely integrate Pinterest with your website by verifying it on Pinterest and installing the necessary plugin which will allow the visitors to share the images of your website directly to their Pinterest accounts.

Verifying the WordPress website on Pinterest

Verifying your website allows you to use tools offered by Pinterest such as image stats, analytics and their ads program. To verify your website follow the below steps.

  1. First we will need to upgrade the Pinterest account to a business account. This can be done by clicking on the three dots menu on the top right once you are logged into Pinterest.
  2. You will find an Upgrade Now button in this menu. Click it.
  3. Enter your business name, domain url and pick your business type in the popup menu. Click on the Continue button then.
  4. Your account is now upgraded to the business account and now you will have to claim your website.
  5. Click on the three dots menu again and click the Settings option.
  6. Choose the Claim Website option from the left menu on the Settings page.
  7. Enter your websites domain url in the text field at the bottom and click on the Claim website button.
  8. A Pick claim option popup menu will appear. Choose the Add HTML tag checkbox and copy the html code in the box under it.
  9. Now you will need to paste this code in the header of your WordPress website. You can do so by visiting Appearance -> Theme Editor from the admin dashboard of your WordPress website. Do not close the Pinterest tab.
  10. Click on the Theme Header option under Theme Files and paste the code we copied earlier at the bottom of this file.
  11. Once done click on the Update File button.
  12. Now go to the previous Pinterest tab and click on the Next button.
  13. Click on the Submit button in the Submit for review option that appeared.

You are almost done. Within 24 hours your website will be reviewed and once successful a verified icon will appear next to your website name. You will also get a confirmation email about the verification.

Adding the Pinterest sharing button on your website

To add the Pinterest social media sharing button you will need to install the Shared Counts plugin.

Once the plugin is installed and activated visit Settings -> Shared Counts page from your admin dashboard. Select the Pinterest option from the dropdown menu in the Share Buttons to Display option. Also, make sure to choose the Theme Location and click on the Save Changes button.


You can also configure other settings on the page according to your needs. The Pinterest sharing button is now live on your website and can be found in posts and pages depending on your configuration. Visitors can now share images from your website directly on their Pinterest accounts.

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