How To Delete A Category In WordPress

Many times we create categories in WordPress that we end up not using. WordPress has a simple process to delete such categories and in this guide we are going to show how to do it.

What is a Category?

Category allows you to arrange your posts according to its content. It prevents all the posts on your blog from becoming messy to navigate. Using category you can divide similar topics into sections and allow the visitor to only view posts from a select category. Instead of trying to find topics of his interest by unnecessarily looking through all the posts.

Categories on WordPress make your website easily navigable. The posts are shown in a manner that is not confusing for the visitor. Categories can be named according to the topic section. For example, News, Guide, Blog, etc. There is no particular naming convention for it. You can create categories according to your website.

One of the reasons for the popularity of WordPress is how seamless it makes everything. Just as easy it is to add a category on WordPress, deleting one is easy too. You just have to follow simple steps and the categories will be removed from your website.

Below are steps to delete a category:

First you have to open your admin dashboard. Then navigate to Posts -> Categories. 

Now you will be viewing a list of all the categories that you have created on your website.

Hover over the category that you want to delete. You should see a few options below the category name now, click on the Delete button.

Hurray! You just got rid of the unwanted category from your website.


Many people get confused if deleting a category will lead to their posts getting deleted too. Deleting a category will have no effect on the posts and they will stay live. Just the category of the posts would change from the now deleted category to uncategorized category.

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