How To Insert HTML Link In WordPress?

Do you want to add a hyperlink in your WordPress website? Links can be inserted in your website through many ways such as posts, pages, widgets, menu and other areas. In this article we are going to show how you can insert an Html link in your WordPress website.

Importance of links in your website

A website will become completely unnavigable without links pointing to different parts of the website or to other websites on the internet. Links can be inserted through many ways such as through text hyperlink, an image hyperlink or a button hyperlink.

In short, the internet won’t be what it is today without people being able to navigate easily around the websites using links. Links also help in increasing the SEO score of a website and helps in ranking a page better in search engines.

Inserting Html links in WordPress

There are many ways to insert a link in your WordPress website. These could depend on the type of link you want to place. For example, you can add a link to your navigation menu if you want to link to important parts of your website or you can add a text link in your post or page linking to another post in your website.

Inserting links in your posts or pages

WordPress editor makes it very easy to add links in your posts and pages.

Edit the post you want to add a link into.

Now select or type the text you want to insert the link to.

On the editor toolbar at the top you will see an icon as the screenshot below. Click on it.

Once clicked, a menu will popup with a text field to paste the url in. Paste your url in the field and click the blue enter button next to it. You can also click on the Settings icon next to this button for further customization such as opening the link in a new tab.

A link is now inserted in your post or page. Save or publish the page to make the link live on your website.

Inserting links in the navigation menu

The navigation menu allows us to link to important parts of our website. To insert a link in the navigation menu follow the below steps.

Visit Appearance -> Menus from your admin dashboard.

Under the Add menu items section expand the Custom Links tab.

Insert the url in the URL field and add the text for the link in the Link Text field.

Now click on the Add to Menu button to insert the link in your menu.

Inserting links through the widgets

Widgets are a great way to add links in many different sections of your WordPress website such as sidebar, footer and other areas.

Visit Appearance -> Widgets from your admin dashboard.

Drag and drop the text widget in the widget area.

In the content area type the text of your link and select the text.

Click on the icon from the below screenshot which you will find in the editor toolbar at the top.

Insert your link and click on the enter button.

Save the widget once done.

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