What Is A Parent Page In WordPress

Many times you might find the need to display sub pages under a main page. WordPress allows you to create a parent page and then create child pages under it.

What is a Parent Page?

A parent page is a hierarchical page that allows you to assign child pages to a main page. A parent page is the top most level page and various child pages are nested under it.

There are many use cases for a parent page and it’s child pages. For example, you might want to create an About Us parent page and then sub pages such as Our Team, Location and Our Story under it.

Difference between Parent and Child Pages

The biggest difference between parent and child pages is the url structure. A child page will always have the parent page slug in its url whereas the parent page will not have the child page slug in it. For example a parent page would be


While child pages will be like




Parent pages will always be superior then child pages. They are at the top most level in the hierarchy and all the child pages will be below it. A child page cannot exist without a parent page whereas a parent page can exist without a child page. Parent pages are general and will cover different topics whereas child pages will be specific and cover a particular topic.

Bottom Line

Parent pages can be helpful in creating a main page and showcasing different sections under it. They also make it easy for your visitors to navigate and understand the different sections of a topic.

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